Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The Purpose of this Blog

1. To Teach
. The primary reason I use this blog is that it provides me with another teaching tool for the PCC church family. As a teacher, I have more to communicate than I can possibly offer in 30 minutes on a Sunday morning; so blogging gives me an additional outlet. Furthermore, I can address a wide range of topics, such as - church leadership, doctrine, false doctrines, devotionals, current events, elaboration of the Sunday message, in-house news, etc – all of which can be beneficial to members of our church family who log on.

I am not interested in this blog becoming an online forum for doctrinal debates or arguments – especially from people who do not attend this church. Since opening my comments section several weeks ago a few people “out there” (who do not attend PCC) have left me comments in an effort to start an argument. Some of these comments even contain insults. Of course, this junk is immediately deleted and is never published for anyone else to see. I'm not going to allow some person out there to use my blog as his personal stump. If they've got something to say they can set up their own blog and write there. Better yet, go start a church and leave this one alone. Most of the time I just let it go, but sometimes I respond by writing the person back.

Which is exactly what happened last weekend.

Last week a certain individual left me a couple of comments on this blog. He doesn’t attend PCC, but he used to. I guess he is miserable at his current church so he keeps lurking and hovering over this blog site to see what’s happening in our church. Or perhaps his current ministry is so unfruitful that he doesn’t have enough responsibility and joy to keep himself busy – giving him time to be preoccupied with our ministry. I don’t know. What does he do? He reaches back into my blog archives and finds something written nine months ago that he doesn’t agree with and wants to argue about that. His comments were also inflammatory in nature. Think about it - he reaches back NINE months to find something to disagree with! NINE months! Doesn’t he have anything better to do? Well, I wrote him back. I said what needed to be said and was brutally honest with him. It was a harsh and difficult conversation. He got the message. I think it is over.

I don’t get it. If someone doesn’t believe in the mission and methods of PCC, then why concern yourself with us? Why not concern yourself with your own church's mission and methods? If someone doesn’t agree with the content of this blog site, then why do they keep coming back? What business is it of theirs what I am writing to the PCC family? If you made the choice to leave this church 24 months ago, why are you still hanging on? Just let go and move on. This blog is not for you… it is for the PCC family. Get it?

2. To be known personally. Another reason I write on this blog is to be known personally. The congregation of PCC hears me teach a lot on Sunday mornings, and is probably the main way most people know me. This is good – it’s my job. But it is not ALL of me. You already know this, but let me state the obvious - I am more of a person than the sermons I preach. I am a husband and father. I have friends. I have enemies. I have some unusual quirks that make me unique. I have hobbies, likes and dislikes. These are the things that make me who I am, and that make me the person who leads your church. They are windows into my personality that may stay shuttered when I’m teaching the Bible. I can’t be personally accessible to everyone – there’s just not enough of me to go around – but through this blog it’s another way for people to know me as a human being. That’s why I often write about personal matters.

Letting people catch a glimpse of my personality through this blog is one way of adding authenticity to my teaching and depth to my ministry.

PS – To the PCC family: The rules of conduct apply to you too when choosing to leave comments here. Don’t be ugly towards anyone (even those who attack us) or you won’t be published.


Robert H. said...

Pastor Ron , i just wanted to let you know for all of those naysayers out there you have a dedicated group of beleivers (church members) that support you 100%. I am honored to call myself a member of the PCC church family. I enjoy reading your blog on a daily basis. KEEP- ON KEEPIN- ON! my brother.

Anonymous said...


It is truly sad that you STILL deal with this behavior...but the truth is, PCC and YOUR leadership have positioned us to GROW and BE an AUTHENTIC part of the bigger Body of Christ. None of us get it right ALL the time, but as you have told me before, THE HOLY SPIRIT NEVER MISSES.

I'm praying for the person who spends his time being critical. I know the Holy Spirit isn't going to miss... and whatever else happens with him, I pray he will have an understanding of the BIG picture here. What we might believe to be unseen by others, is never unseen by our Lord.

Thank you for continuing to display integrity, even with others do not.


John Belew said...

We got your back Pastor Ron.

Anonymous said...

Pastor Ron,
I have been a part of this church body for a little over a year. During this time my husband and I have grown closer to God.
The church has been a place where I am able to be used of Christ. Your preaching and opening up God's word and teaching it so clear to the congregation is great. Keep up the good work.

Ron said...

Robert - I will keep-on-keepin-on!

DK - who are you?

John - I'm glad you've got my six.

Sandy - I too, am glad that you and Brad found a church home at PCC.

To all of you - Thanks!

Old Milltown Storage said...

After everything is said and done, more is said than done! Some people just don't get it. We are a Church family that God himself has chosen to reach unchurched Sam and Pam in our community. You ask how do I know that, it's because I was unchurched Sam, and now it's my honor to help the Lord perform his mission. You See, not a Sunday goes by that I don't feel the Holy Spirit in our Church service, He's calling us to action and some people just don't get it, or they see the fact that we (pcc) are on point and can't bring themselves to accept that God has favor with PCC! You can't deny that God is with us! Just look at the parking lot on Sunday morning!

James Wheelus

Ron said...

Love your boldness! Your words speak volumes. It has been very satisfying to me to see your growth as a believer too. BTW, your sacrificial
volunteerism at PCC is most appreciated; and does not go unnoticed.


Ron said...

Donna,(dk) thanks for the kind words.

Anonymous said...

Apparently, this individual is very jealous of you & your success as Pastor of PCC. It is obsessive behavior when he cannot move on with his life but keeps reaching back in your blog archives to find something to be negative & critical about. He needs to focus on his own church & it is time for him to stop harassing you. Jewel C.