Tuesday, October 6, 2009

A Shepherd Cannot Simply Walk Away

Leading a growing church is not easy. It will not permit laziness nor allow for an inordinate amount of time for recreation. In fact, it is more demanding than it should be. It requires early rising and working late, often. Responding to impossible demands requires enormous amounts of energy. Ultimately, this takes its toll on ones physical and mental well being. A pastor must learn to manage his time well.

The pastor cannot opt to simply walk away and change churches for greener pastures. Others have that option, and many use that option. It’s an option that I don’t have. A dream is involved. A vision is involved. More people than me are committed to this dream and vision. I cannot desert the people who believed me when I shared the dream and declared that I was willing to pay the price if they would join me. Therefore, the pastor must find a way to preserve his health, to save his family, to safeguard his soul, and still pursue the vision God gave him - to which the people have so faithfully responded. Such a pastor will stick with it when the demands become too demanding.

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