Sunday, October 18, 2009

Sunday Mind Dump

  • Church was good today. The weather was fantastic, which had everyone in a good mood I think.

  • Today’s sermon – Birth Pangs & the Beginning of Sorrows – was an introductory message to the new series. It was a good start because it laid the foundation for all the other messages to follow. It was important to establish the fact, with Biblical certainty, that the world is currently experiencing labor pangs waiting for the dawn of a new era.

  • Next week’s message: The Rapture & The Blessed Hope

  • We did have some serious challenges in both services today – in the form of distractions – that I attribute to a “conspiracy of interruptions” by the enemy. The stage lights were not cooperating, there was a crying child, the wrong scripture came up on the power point presentation, and the sound system was askew. It got me rattled for a few moments…. but we overcame and God did some good things in service.

  • I am totally amazed how unchurched Sam & Pam keeping coming to PCC, then get their life on tract with God, and eventually grow in discipleship. It is very exciting to see God moving in this way.

  • This is why we do what we do.

  • I heard today, after first service, that a man attended today whose wife has been praying for him for more than ten years. It appears he is now ready to make things right with God.

  • Can I say it again? This is why we do what we do.

  • I’m loving this weather. I will be getting up early tomorrow morning and taking a good, hard run.

  • Someone from PCC was asking me today about Calvinism and predestination. Had a fruitful talk (and hopefully a teaching moment). I probably need to write about it some more… soon.

  • I think all leaders are readers. How can a person stay fresh and keep growing if he/she doesn’t read?

  • I ordered ten books from this week. Half of them were devotional in nature, the other half about church systems (growth, etc). I will read them all over the next 3-4 weeks.

  • Pace Community Church needs an OVERHAUL in some of its internal systems. Our systems are overtaxed and undermanned. Ch-ch-ch-changes are in our future.

  • There was a man in service today who, I think, has the potential to be unpredictable and dangerous. Our ushers and security team was monitoring the situation very closely.

  • Renae and I are still working on the remodel in our home. A lot of painting, new flooring in the kitchen, countertops, new appliances and kitchen table, etc. I also had a shed built this summer which has enabled me to move a lot of junk out of my garage. The last thing we need to do is have a new carpet put down. But we have to save up more money first.

  • I think a lot of people are going to discover that Pace Community Church IS THE CHURCH FOR THEM! All they have to do is walk through the doors one time and it’s a closed deal.

  • About fifty (50) have signed up for Discovery Seminar 101 next Sunday.

  • About thirty (30) are taking the trip to the youth concert in Destin.

  • About twenty-five (25) has signed up for water baptism.

  • Our current small groups semester is going well. Not as many groups as I would like to see, but the groups we have are healthy and the leaders are trustworthy and reliable. There is some good stuff happening.

  • I’m glad that PCC is a safe place for me to worship.

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