Sunday, October 25, 2009

Sunday Mind Dump

  • Very good day at PCC. Music was exceptional. I especially enjoyed the song “Let Your Glory Fall” – Chris P. had the solo part and nailed it.

  • You may have noticed a new singer on stage today. His name is Wade. Renae and I have known him most of our lives. He had a solo on the last song – with a voice as smooth as velvet. BTW, Wade has also catered some of our membership banquets in the past.

  • How about the Rapture video? A lot of people jumped in the service. One lady actually yelled out loud!

  • In the second service today, a visitor got up and walked out on the second song. That’s a new record - ten minutes or less. He snatched up his Bible and rudely left. I guess we were not what he was looking for. He looked to be in his thirties and formally dressed. I know you can’t always judge a book by its cover, but looking at his general demeanor he appeared to be wrapped up so tight that he had no joy.

  • The ironic thing about this experience is the contrasting experience I had with someone else after the first service. I was in the atrium and an elderly lady, who appeared to be in her 70’s, walked up to me and said, “I would like to formally introduce myself to you.” She told me her name and continued, “I have been attending this church for six months and I have never felt as close to God as I do now. This church has changed my life.” I said, “Thank you so much for the encouragement” and she replied, “No, thank you. This church has changed-my-life!”

  • We can’t make everyone happy, and don’t. Our church is NOT for everyone. But it really encourages me when people share these kinds of positive testimonies with me – it reminds me of the steady kingdom impact we are having.

  • We offered Discovery Seminar 101 tonight. It was a huge success. About 38 people were in attendance. The hospitality team and the 101 team really out-did themselves. Great meal, great presentation, and great hospitality. They demonstrated a true servant’s heart by draping a towel over their arm and serving.

  • I’d also like to give a special shout out to the teenagers who manned the nursery for us, providing child care so the parents (and potential new members) could attend the seminar. Outstanding job.

  • Of the 38 who attended it appears that most immediately committed themselves to the PCC family. Awesome.

  • After the seminar one man said to me, with emotion in his voice, “This church has such an amazing strategy. I have been to churches in the past that were not a ‘safe’ place to be. I would walk out feeling condemned; beat up, and with little hope of measuring up. Now I get it and understand why PCC does what it does. My life will never be the same.”

  • I could go on and on like this. At least 2 dozen people spoke to me like this tonight after the seminar. THIS IS WHY WE DO WHAT WE DO!

  • I could not do this alone… and thank you to everyone who helps make this happen!

  • A lot of people tonight immediately signed up for seminar 201! Wow!

  • One of my favorite verses in the Bible is Proverbs 14:4 that says, “Where there are no oxen, the manger is clean, but abundant crops come by strength of the ox.” What does it mean? It means this: if you have no oxen to plow the fields you will never have to worry about mucking the stalls (cleaning out the poo). But if you do have oxen, you’ll have to shovel it out…. but the benefit of having these messy oxen is having a harvest in the fall. WHAT’S THE SPIRITUAL APPLICATION? Evangelism is messy. If you want to have a harvest of souls, you’re going to get your hands dirty (mucking the stalls). But if you want a clean church, (with clean stalls and clean hands), just leave sinners alone. Myself, I don’t want to lead a church that is only concerned with having clean stalls; I would much rather lead a church that is more concerned about reaching sinners.

  • Last Sunday a man was in church with us, whose wife has attended PCC for ten of our eleven years, and who has been praying for her husband that entire time. He walked through our doors and committed his life to Christ on the spot. And he was back again today! THIS IS WHY WE DO WHAT WE DO. His wife is so excited… and so am I.

  • Ladies, don’t try to nag your husband into church. I have never met a man yet who said, “I didn’t like church before, but my wife nagged me so much that now I love it.” Instead, do what I Peter 3:1-2 instructs you to do.

  • This Wednesday night is UNITE FAMILY PICNIC & BONFIRE. Be sure to come. 6:00 PM.

  • Important upcoming events: Baby Dedication Service… Volunteer Appreciation Banquet…. Baptism Service (all in November).

  • I am encouraged about the future of our church.

  • Did you know that 90% of the people who enter the ministry do not last in the ministry? That means that 9-out-of-10 who enters the ministry will QUIT, BURN OUT, or have a MORAL FAILURE!!! That means the stakes are high, and I don’t want to be one of those causalities. That’s why I take my spiritual health, emotional heath, and physical health so seriously.

  • I want to be at PCC for a long time. That’s why I make myself accountable to others, get plenty of exercise, plenty of rest, and draw near to God.

  • I can’t believe that God has brought us this far… and I am looking forward to where He is going to take us next. We are not a perfect church, but I will promise you that we will always be a church that seeks His heart and tries to do our best to fulfill His will.

  • Okay, my voice is as raw as sandpaper. I’ve been going all day long, have been speaking for six hours, and I’m sick of listening to myself.

  • PS - there are some nice comments on Facebook about today's service at PCC.

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