Friday, November 6, 2009

Eating Out

I’m eating out less often these days. Trying to lose weight is not an easy thing to do when the restaurant platter contains four thousand calories and enough artery-clogging fat to stop up the drain pipes in the kitchen sink! For the last several months I have been eating healthier and at home more often; lot’s of fresh produce, nuts, avocados, and Mediterranean type foods. Combined with my exercise routine, I am sleeping better, longer, and my energy level is way up. Nothing but good has resulted.

Another reason I’m eating out less often these days is because a lot of restaurants are not sanitary, often making me sick. The kitchen is a hotbed of germs - big hairy bacteria grow in there. Cross-contamination from the cutting board to other food products is a regular occurance (i.e., using the same knife to cut raw meat and vegtables for the salad bar is not a good thing to do). Spoiled food gets cooked then served, which is over-seasoned so you can’t taste how rancid it is. Dirty fingers cut the lemon slices before being dropped into your glass of water. Then there are the salad bars and buffet lines; some of the food pans look like Petri dishes for growing culture cells. I’m thinking angry-stomach by now.

The only thing worse than greasy silverware and breakfast egg still stuck to the dinner plate is to be eating out during flu season. There, in the same room with you, a number of runny-nosed swine-flu carriers will be coughing on the back of your neck from the table behind you. If you are not sick when you walk into a restaurant, you will be by the time you walk out. The last time I ate at Ryan’s the meal cost $7.95. The diarrhea was free.

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Robert H. said...

Ron, i think you are definitely on to something I am dealing with some stomach issues now and the doc isn't sure what it is yet, could be bacterial who knows. Restaurants are a breeding ground for germs and disease these days