Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Testimonies from Seminar 101

Each time I teach Seminar 101 we provide a questionnaire that asks two simple questions: What brought you to PCC? and Why did you come back? Here’s a sample of the responses from the last class about a week ago:

What brought you to Pace Community Church?
  • We’d heard good things about PCC from neighbors and co-workers
  • We heard about PCC from friends
  • I came with a friend
  • I was looking for a church that fits me
  • By invitation
  • We started attending Financial Peace University, and were invited by JH to church
  • My family and I are young and needed an atmosphere for all ages.
  • I was looking for a place to worship God in liberty
  • A friend at work told me about her church (PCC) and invited me to come
  • A.L. invited me
  • I visited with a friend who is a member of PCC
  • Loneliness after a divorce, and was invited by a member of PCC
  • My father invited me and assured me that no one would “put me on the spot”
  • God led me here
  • Our daughter started attending youth group

Why did you come back?

  • Enjoyed the preaching, enjoyed the music, most of all we felt peace, the presence of God, and comfort here.
  • We enjoyed the laid back atmosphere, not stiff. And Pastor Ron’s teaching style was such that I could understand
  • The church family, good preaching, small groups, PCC Riders
  • Music, preaching
  • I immediately felt like I was among family and friends
  • We enjoyed the atmosphere, the message, and the wonderful people
  • Our children love their teachers
  • Enjoyed the freedom in worship and the warm welcome we received
  • I felt the Holy Spirit here
  • I was able to connect with the way the pastor teaches the Word from the Bible.
  • I have made friends here
  • My kids love children’s church, they learn and serve
  • I couldn’t stay away… the services kept calling me back
  • I liked the way people treated me
  • We quickly made friends at PCC who invited us back
  • From the first visit I have felt a natural sense of belonging. Now I look forward to every Sunday, as well as our classes during the week
  • Good preaching
  • God led me to come back
  • The church is well organized
  • The pastor's teaching style is clear and concise

Way to go church! Every one of you helps make this possible. From the first impression created at the parking, to inside the building, to what happens on the platform, and in our varied ministries behind the scenes, your friendliness and dedication to God creates this kind of atmosphere and positive testimony about PCC. Most impressive of all to me is how active the members of PCC are at inviting their friends.

From a human point of view there are two important principles at work here: (1) Our people are very active at inviting others to attend, and, (2) Our church has the goods when they get here. From a supernatural viewpoint, and most important of all, it is God Himself who is drawing men/women to Christ...

And to think, these are just the testimonies of what brought people to PCC and what brought them back..... and doesn't include the deeper testimonies of life-change and discipleship which are just as abundant and even more dramatic! Good things are happening at our church.

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Louie said...


It is totally awesome what God is doing in our Church and in our community. More evidence I believe that we are drawing closer to the Rapture.