Sunday, December 13, 2009

Sunday Mind Dump

  • Today was a good day. It was a meat-and-potatoes kind of day. It was like one of those Saturday afternoons when you relax with your family around the house eating comfort food. No Disney World trips. No itineraries to map out. No trying to outdo last Saturday’s road trip. Church was like that today. We were relaxed, comfortable with each other, and just enjoyed one another in our church family. We worshipped together, changed the flavor of the service a bit, and talked about one of our own who was suffering. Most importantly, we were not trying to out-perform last Sunday with a bigger bang. That's a merry-go-round trap that I hate to get on.

  • Gene filled the pulpit for me. He did a good job too. I think our church family benefits from hearing another voice (besides my own) from time to time. Plus, it gives me a much needed break and rest period. After finishing up three or four sermon series back-to-back I needed a Sunday off to recuperate before launching into a new series. Also, by not having to teach today I was freed up to walk around and mingle with people more than I normally do. I really enjoyed talking to people in the sanctuary before service and in the atrium afterwards. I was also able to walk through the children’s wing and observe our first-class nursery, pre-k, children, and teen ministries in action.

  • Attendance was good and has been holding strong most of the year.

  • I felt good when I left today.

  • I’m going to be continuing the blog series on STEWARDSHIP next week (that I started last week).

  • Posted so far: Will a Man Rob God?..... Why Believers Should Tithe….. Don’t Talk About Money

  • Upcoming…. Church Attendance, Tithing, & Other Basics…. Should the Pastor Know Who Gives?..... Members Who Eat for Free….. Seed & Harvest….The Proper Relationship with Money…. Thinking Differently About Giving…. Should be interesting.

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