Wednesday, January 13, 2010

What if the Pharisees Had a Blog?

If the Pharisees had access to a blog, or better yet, twitter, these are the kinds of things I think they would have written:
  • I heard this guy named Jesus teach today. Not very impressed. All He did was tell stories and parables, and didn’t go in depth like the guys at the temple do.

  • That Jesus dude healed a sick man on the Sabbath Day right in front of everyone. It was so disrespectful. Besides, doesn’t He realize that He violated the traditions of our fathers?

  • So this Jesus guy fed over 5000 people with loaves and fishes. BIG DEAL! Seems like entertainment to me. All He is trying to do is draw a large crowd rather than teaching anything of substance.

  • These followers of Jesus are now teaching His doctrines…. and they haven't even been to seminary!!

  • How can fishermen and tax collectors be teachers? They are not academically advanced, and they don't know how to speak Latin! Solo Scriptura!

  • This Jesus guy keeps hanging out with the local riffraff. He is the friend of sinners.

  • Jesus won’t answer any of our questions! WHAT IS HE AFRAID OF?

  • Jesus called us snakes & vipers today. Doesn’t He know that name-calling is unbecoming for a Christian to do?

  • Jesus kicked over some tables in the temple today. I think He has anger issues.

  • This Jesus dude waters down His teachings. Why, he says that ANYONE can be forgiven!


Evelyn said...

LOL!!! I have to laugh to keep from crying because we have family and friends that at times act just like the pharisees. Whenever, we (God's people) say what Jesus said, they look at us like we are making our own words and get upset at us. Then I end up with an attitude like hey don't get mad at me, I did not write the bible and I have to apply myself also. God's people are just servants for him.

Jewel said...

I believe that there are Pharisees that have blogs today. They are still making the same negative, critical & judgmental remards that they did 2000 years ago. Otherwise, they would have not have anything to talk about.