Saturday, March 6, 2010

Saturday Six

  • Tomorrow we start a new sermon series – Jonah.

  • Monday I will be continuing the blog series – Confessions of a Church Planter.

  • My sugar-fast is still holding. I think it has been six weeks and it feels normal now. Yes, some sugar has made its way onto my palate from foods like fruit, raisins, peanut butter (which contains sugar – go figure) and a little bread. But I am avoiding all the obvious sources of sugar like cookies, cake, candy, sweetened beverages, doughnuts, and even ketchup which is loaded with sugar. A total fast on those foods; they are empty calories with no nutrition. When we go to the grocery store almost all of our food is purchased from the fresh produce department. Combined with my exercise routine (I have been jogging since October) it is producing noticeable results.

  • God is stretching my thinking regarding PCC, my role there, our future, and leadership development of others. I am very hopeful and optimistic about our future.

  • Since the weather is absolutely perfect today, I will be outdoors all day long.

  • QUESTION: When you visualize PCC in the future, what size church do you see?


Evelyn said...

3000,000 or 4000,000 or maybe 5000,000 saved hard working people we are not going to put a limit on Our Almighty God. He is in the addition business(in the book of Acts he added daily to the church such as shall be saved)

Ron said...

I like your faith!