Sunday, March 7, 2010

Sunday Mind Dump - March 7, 2010

  • Good day all around. Attendance was 460. A lot of new faces. Even seen some familiar faces back in church today; it was great to see them.

  • I love seeing so many teenagers sitting on the front row.

  • There was a lot of energy in both services today.

  • I am stoked to see God moving in our church family. People are open to His Word like never before and receptive to the promptings of the Holy Spirit. Very refreshing to see.

  • We are working on some changes in the band regarding personnel.

  • I want to get a 5x10 ft banner made to put out front by the highway inviting people to our Easter services.

  • If someone is looking for a church filled with people who think they have it all together, then they won't be comfortable at PCC. But if someone is looking for a church that is filled with imperfect people who know it and accept others who are imperfect, then they will be right at home

  • Weather was awesome today. Felt like springtime.

  • We are considering buying a commercial grade lawnmower to maintain our campus grounds with this spring and summer. If we make this purchase, we will also need to build a storage shed/shop out back. These two items together will cost a lot of money, but will also be an enormous upgrade for our grounds keeping capabilities. It’s amazing that we have gone this long without our own church-owned equipment, nor have we had to employ landscaping services. But it’s time to make a change.

  • We have some of the most amazing volunteers at PCC.

  • I’m very excited at the things that are happening in church right now – it feels like the first stirrings of a breakthrough that will impact our city for Christ.

  • Had two sets of brand new parents stand up in the first service today to show us their brand new babies. It was a good moment…

  • Sunday’s at PCC is always fun. It’s like a family reunion each week.

  • BTW, I am a pretty good cook. Just ask my wife.

  • I really enjoyed the message today – part 1 of the Jonah series – You Can Run, but You Cannot Hide. A lot of people said a lot of good things about it. Even read some nice comments on facebook.

  • Going through a book of the Bible verse-by-verse is a great way to learn the scriptures. Plus, a narrative story line like the book of Jonah is very interesting. We often see ourselves in such stories. I teach this way about 60-70% of the time and go back-and-forth between the NT and OT to maintain balance.

  • Each week we provide a “Questions for Discussion” study guide of the sermon for group study. Today they were all picked up – every last one of them. This is a very good sign that people was hungry, curious, learning, and going deeper into the Word.

  • I had a lot of fun telling the story of being in the airliner and seeing that lady make a crucifix over her chest.

  • Next week’s message is: When You Hit the Bottom, Look Up

  • Be encouraged. Be blessed. Honor God with your life this week, and always remember… God is for you, not against you.

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