Sunday, March 28, 2010

Sunday Mind Dump - March 28, 2010

  • Another fantabulous day at PCC!

  • Attendance was off. It was evident that Spring Break in the local schools starts this week. But hey, that's okay. I don't expect peak-attendance 52 Sunday's out of the year... just 51 of them. Besides, Jesus was there.

  • No youth group this Wednesday night due to Spring Break.

  • We concluded the Jonah series today. Like so many others, I have thoroughly enjoyed this series. Jonah was a man who made repeated mistakes, yet he was also a man of God. We also see ourselves in Jonah. Most importantly, we see God who never gave up on Jonah.

  • In the story of Jonah, God saved everyone who repented; the sailors in the boat; Jonah from the belly of the whale; the people of Nineveh; and the children of Nineveh. What an awesome God we serve!

  • One of the greatest compliments I ever receive as a teaching pastor is when people tell me that they can understand what I am saying when I preach, and that they learn from me.

  • Every pastor has to answer this critical question: Do I want to IMPRESS people or do I want to INFLUENCE them? It’s easy to impress people with a big vocabulary, but it’s much more effective to influence people by speaking to them in ways they understand.

  • Went over to my sisters house today after church for dinner with her family, mine, and our mother. We had a very nice time.

  • My sister’s home has a big front porch on it. It’s 8ft wide and stretches across the entire from of her house. We always sit out there and visit. It doesn’t get any better than that.

  • Renae and I made a hospital visit this afternoon. Had a pleasant visit there too. We are praying for the gentleman to recover soon.

  • Okay. How about that extended drum solo and extended drum roll at the end of the second song today? Greg did a good job. Give that guy and hand of applause.

  • Seminar 201 – Discovering Spiritual Maturity – in three weeks. We currently have 35 people signed up. In this seminar we teach the five basic habits of a disciple. It is a very effective tool we use at PCC.

  • We’re going to need additional help for hospitality and food service for this seminar. If you are willing to pitch in and help out, let us know.

  • Seminar 101 – Discovering the PCC Family – is in seven weeks. This is an introductory class to our church in which we talk about our Salvation (What God has Done for Us); our Statements (What We Believe); our Strategy (How We Fulfill our Mission) and our Structure (What our Church Government is).

  • It’s near time to have another Baptism Service.

  • We are having a small storage shed/shop built behind the church building. The concrete foundation was poured Friday. The structure should be finished in two weeks. It’ going to be used to store lawn and maintenance equipment.

  • We are going to be purchasing an X-Mark mower for our church. It is a zero-turn-radius type of machinery. I mentioned this in the morning service. The cost is $8,500 – a good deal considering I was able to talk the dealer down from $10,700. This price is a no-brainer for us. We will be receiving a special offering for this project the Sunday after Easter for those who would love to participate in this purchase. In fact, someone even gave today. Keep in mind, this is an investment in your church and our ability to keep our campus maintained in a God-honoring manner.

  • Easter Sunday is next week. BRING someone to church with you. Invite? Yes. But take the extra step and bring them.

  • About 15 children from PCC Kidz will be singing in service that day. They are going to be a big hit. I promise you.

  • I am privileged to serve at PCC.

  • My life has been greatly enriched by deep friendships and meaningful relationships I have formed within our church family.

  • One lady sent word to us that she realizes now that she has to “come home” to PCC. For all her searching ‘out there’ she has not found a new home. Her exact words - “there is no community in the church I currently attend.”

  • I get it. We have always placed a high value on this concept. It’s called "fellowship" in the Bible. In Greek the word is “koinonia”… which means communion… which means commune… which is where we get the word ‘community’ from…. And that’s why our church is called Pace COMMUNITY Church.

  • Pace KOINONIA Church

  • Get it?


Old Milltown Storage said...

GOT IT !!!!

Sherri said...

Pace COMMUNITY Church is truly a "community" church. The feeling is definately there. Yesterday the feeling seemed "extra strong." Thank you for all you do. Thank you for preaching His word so that it really can be understood. Thank you for listening to Him and preaching what needs to be heard at this place at this time.

Ron said...

James, I'm glad you "got it."

Sherri,thank you for the encouragment!

We have a great church family.