Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter Pictures

Some of the children sang.
In the atrium today... after it thinned out.

Saturday night band rehersal.

Click the pictures for an enlarged view.


Carole in the UK said...

Hi Pastor Ron,
It was quite delightful to see pictures of some of your congregation, who I read so much of in your posts.

I am spending the evening at my daughter's after just returning home from our Easter service and decided to relax and catch up with reading your blog after my meal.

As I have mentioned before in one of my comments, I always enjoy reading your blog, it is so enlightening from a leaders point of view and I love your writing style.

I had just finished reading your link to John Piper's blog, returned to your blog and saw you had just added the pictures.

May you be continually blessed as you work to build up the kingdom of God.

Ron said...

Good to hear from you. Yes, I remember you writing a while back. Hope all is well in the UK!