Friday, April 2, 2010

It Was a "Good Friday"

I am very grateful. Today was a good day. Yes, it was Good Friday and it was also a good Friday. Volunteers have been working feverishly all week long beautifying the grounds in preparation for Easter Sunday. Today, Friday, was no different. The building was full of people making final preparations. I could not be prouder of a group of people than I am of our church volunteers who come up each week, during the week, to serve so faithfully during business hours. This Sunday will be no different; those who are assigned duties for the weekend worship services will be at their place of service, as they always are.

About 11:00 AM this morning all of our senior staff, as well as several other concerned church members, attended a funeral service for Mike Burgess’ mother, Theresa. It was a beautiful service; deeply moving and meaningful. I had a small part in the service, the closing prayer, and was honored to do so. While we were gone we left the church offices in the hands of key volunteers and they handled it well in our absence.

Late this evening, just before dark, Renae and I had to swing by the church to pick up something from her office. As we drove onto our campus we see one of our musicians there, who was practicing in preparation for Sunday. Also there was another man who was mowing, edging the pavement and blowing the parking lot clean. Neither of these men was asked to do this; they were just there doing it on their own because they love their church and because they love God.

I feel good about PCC.

It was a good Friday.

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