Thursday, April 15, 2010

Our Amazing Volunteers

It’s been a busy day here at PCC. In addition to our office staff and volunteers a large number of other volunteers have been here mowing the grass and landscaping the campus grounds; painting the new shed out back; and changing eighteen blown light bulbs in the sanctuary.

Tomorrow will be no different. We will have volunteers cleaning the building, atrium, front windows, bathrooms, chairs, and carpet. Other volunteers will finish folding and stuffing the weekend bulletins, putting out cards & pens in the sanctuary chairs for our guests to register with, and ensuring the sanctuary is in pristine condition for Sunday.

This Sunday will be more of the same. Dozens of volunteers will be at their place of service filling dozens of positions necessary to pull off a weekend service. A sampling of those positions are hospitality, greeters, ushers, parking attendants, teachers for all age-level ministries, nursery workers, singers & musicians, welcome center and guest services, and security.

Last Sunday night I taught Seminar 201 and yet it would not have been possible if not for the volunteers who provided so much support. About twelve people serve on this team and they make all the difference in the world to the success of this ministry.

It takes an incredible amount of work at PCC each week just to keep the doors open and our ministries operational. If not for the 100-125 volunteers who serve so sacrificially, our church would only be a hollow shell of what we are now.

We’ve come a long way.

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