Thursday, May 20, 2010

You Have GOT to See This!

Be sure to watch it two or three times to take it all in. These people are enjoying themselves!

If you have trouble viewin this video on my blog, go to this link at YouTube


Ron said...

I accidently deleted your comment. I was clicking around so fast that I hit the wrong button.

Send it again if you like.

Christa Collins said...

Nah it's ok!! I just thought it was crazy funny!! Please don't start running the building on Sunday!! Hahahahaha

Ron said...

I thought that I might ask this guy to come sing for us. :)

Christa Collins said...

Please don't hahahahaha!! I am scared the same thing might happen, I sit right in front of our batismal, I don't want to get splashed on Sunday cause his signing makes men go crazy!!! Hahahahaha

Beverly said...

Ron, Was that you in the white shirt? hahaaahhaaa I'm sure we were in that service at one time in our life. Good times. :)