Sunday, September 5, 2010

Facebook Comments

Okay, now there are more than 45 comments on Facebook about today's church service at PCC.

Christy K. says: AMAZING!! That is the only way to describe the way we DO CHURCH at Pace Community Church!!! Today was just that! God was SOOO in that place. It felt so good and has mad me smile every time i have thought about it today. If you want to see the way church SHOULD be done then head to Pace Community Church!

Martha H. says: Pace Community Church was AWESOME today! Beverly out did herself on the last song of the worship service. You could feel the Holy Spirit in the place. Pastor Ron spoke about baptism and explained the reason why we do it. Excellent biblical teaching explained better than I've ever heard. We have 38 being baptized next Sunday so come and join us at 10:00am. You won't regret it, I guarantee it!

Mike C. says: I really enjoyed church today. The music was as good as it gets, and to see that many people with their hands in the air is very humbling. I love playing praise music straight to God. What an honor and a joy!!!

Alyssa S. says: Great day... Awesome church, great family and fantastic friends - who could ask for more? So blessed :)

Ann L. says: The music at PCC was amazing this morning.....definition of worship. Why wouldn't you want to be there?

Cathy D. says: Church was awesome! The revelation song was awesome ... Beverly & worship team did a great job ... Ron's message was awesome as well !

Cathy H. says: I so enjoyed today. His presence was there !

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