Sunday, September 5, 2010

Sunday Mind Dump - September 5, 2010

  • Okay. Where to start…. It was Labor Day weekend, attendance was off 70 people. Still we had over 400 in attendance (about 410 I think)

  • We now have 38 people signed up to be baptized next Sunday. Wow!

  • Today’s talk on baptism was one of my better talks on this topic. I really liked the insights that Romans 6:1-11 was able to offer. As often as we have baptized people over the years, it’s hard for me to talk on the same topic time after time and keep it fresh.

  • The key thought: When Paul was appealing to the believers at Rome to break with their former life and stop the sin business, he did NOT tell them to recall the day of their conversion or the day they said the sinner’s prayer. Instead he had them recall the day they were baptized. Three times he used the word “baptize” to remind them that this was the turning point in their lives – now live accordingly.

  • I also enjoyed having the “family talk” too. I opened up and shared my heart. It was personal to me.

  • The new song, “Revelation Song” was simply amazing. Beverly Johnson hit it out of the ball park! And I mean it. Taylor Broz did an excellent job on the flute again! What a nice addition her instrument has been to our musical mix; it adds a whole new layer. And Jodi Burgess is nailing it on keyboard!

  • I have counted 35 comments on Facebook this afternoon that people have posted about Pace Community Church, how much they love it, and today’s service.

  • You know, we don’t have all the big time amenities that other churches are able to offer. But we do have a good church. Our strengths are in simple things like giving God our best, good music, God-honoring worship, solid teaching, strong fellowship, lasting relationships that have been forged over time, and a congregation full of humble servants. Thanks guys.

  • I made some buffalo wings yesterday (Saturday). My son Nathan said they were the best he has ever had. My wife and sister enjoyed them too. They were hot, and needless to say I had a major attack last night.

  • College football season has began. I’m glad. With a touch of fall in the air this morning I’m now getting into the mood. Looking forward to some football parties (small group type gatherings) soon.

  • I like the people I go to church with.

  • I have a confession to make. Preaching & teaching two services each Sunday is beginning to be much harder on me than before. I don’t just mean tired; I mean total exhaustion and mental fatigue. Keep me in your prayers.

  • Next Sunday afternoon I will be in a leadership meeting. It’s no coincidence that this will happen on a Sunday when we have ONE service.

  • Leadership development is my main priority right now. For the remainder of the year I will be devoting most of my energy to that single task – discovering, developing, and deploying others.

  • A lot of exciting things are on the planning board right now for PCC, and a few are on the drawing board too. If you read my blogs regularly, you will notice a common theme for the last several weeks. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to read between the lines.

  • Renae and I are looking forward to our 10-12 day break in October. I’m hopeful that I will come back totally rested, refreshed, and recuperated. Taking an extended break like that will give me clarity about some things.

  • It’s taken a long time (especially after our ten-year hiccup) to get back into the full swing of things, but PCC is about to see a more focused and on-purpose leadership team than she has ever seen before. Mentally, I’m getting back into the game like never before.

  • God has sent PCC a group of people (most of whom were born and bred right here) who are beyond committed and I’m looking forward to seeing how God takes this church to another level.

  • I am totally convinced that before my time at PCC comes to an end, we will be busting a thousand in weekly attendance.

  • Random thought: I’m craving some of my buffalo wings right now.

  • Okay. It was gagging hot in the sanctuary today. We had the A/Cs set on 60 degrees, but it never got lower than 75. Something’s up. The filters are probably clogged. We WILL get that resolved this week.

  • Work day next Saturday – 8:00 AM. This is for the outside; mowing, edging, trimming, etc.

  • I’ve have been reading a lot of excellent books lately; mostly church-related stuff.

  • This week is going to be crazy. After taking a day trip tomorrow with Renae, the remainder of the week at church will be devoted to next weekend. We’ll be getting the A/Cs fixed, cleaning up the building, setting up 500 chairs, setting up the baptismal pool, Saturday workday, Sunday baptism, and Sunday afternoon leadership meeting.

  • LET ME CLOSE by saying something I seriously mean. We get 52 Sundays each year to invite people to church and to lift up Jesus Christ through God-honoring worship. Labor Day weekend is no different. A lot of people were away because it was the last holday of summer and I understand the importance of doing this because eveyone needs time to get away for rest or to visit family. That's a lot different that simply skipping church every chance you get. Yet we were very forunate today to have so many dedicated followers in service on a holiday. Your effort did not go unnoticed. The building was full – that means something. Several people prayed today to receive Christ – that’s a big, big deal. About ten people signed up to be baptized – that’s a big deal too. Both services had several first-time guests – that’s huge also. So many (most) of our volunteers were found at their post of duty – that’s dedication. I would like to thank everyone who made the effort to be in service at PCC. Some of you even made extraordinary efforts to be there, and I realize it. Thank you. What a great church we have.

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