Sunday, November 28, 2010

Sunday Mind Dump - November 28, 2010

  • Solid day at PCC. Attendance was a little off due to a holiday weekend, but for those of us who were there it was a meaningful church service.

  • We received communion and it felt good.

  • Giving was good too. It was back up in the range where we need it to be each week. Thanks to every one who made it happen.

  • Next Sunday we’ll begin a new holiday series that will take us up to Christmas.

  • In January we’ll be diving back into a message series through a book of the Bible.

  • A new worship team (of singers) takes the stage next Sunday. At least two new voices have been added. Looking forward to it.

  • GOOD QUOTE: Be careful how much advice you offer your friends; friendship can only take so much of that.

  • Comments from Facebook about today’s service…..

  • Christa said, WOW!!! Is all that I can say about PCC today!!!! The presence of God was so strong today!! I got tears and chill bumps during the extended Communion song service!!!!! I love it so much I do it twice!!!!! Thank YOU!!!

  • Cathy said, Great service & communion today. It's always good to be back in God's house after being out of town.

  • Shelby said, Communion Sunday was great, as always! It makes me confident that Pastor Ron is an FSU fan!

  • Beverly said, Had Communion Service today at Pace Community Church. Good to remember the center of our focus. So thankful for God's AMAZING Grace.

  • Kim said, Church at PCC was absolutely amazing this morning. I got to feel the spirit of GOD this morning that is a treasured blessing.

  • Mike said, Church was good. Ron reminds me of how relevant the bible, and its stories are to us today.

  • Martha said, I'm very thankful for my church family. After not being able to make service last week due to getting back late from IV therapy, it was so good to be able to worship with the great people at PCC. Pastor Ron is a blessing. He makes it easy to understand even the hardest of subjects. Today was Communion Sunday and as usual, it was very meaningful and touching. Good way to start the week off!

  • Richelle said, Communion......WOW! Words just won't do. The Amazing Spirit filled room was so what I needed today! So very Thankful.

  • Mary said, Can I say AWESOME....PCC is the place to be. No pretending....just REAL!! Awesome worship this morning. Singers and band, you guys hit it out of the park again. Pastor Ron gave a great service helping us focus on Jesus and his sacrifice for us. Communion was awesome. God was definitely in the house today!

  • Alyssa said, If you aren't worshipping God on Sundays, PCC is an awesome place to get started. You will never know how good it feels to be close to God until you get the chill bumps from feeling his presence. God's word is alive and well at PCC!

  • Jewel said, I am always moved to tears when our PCC Worship Team sings praises to our Lord & eyes brim with tears every time the Holy Word of God is preached...the Bible states that King David was a "man after God's own heart." My desire is to be "a woman after God's own heart."

  • Sherri said, Great day to set our minds right for this Christmas season that is upon us. Thanks so much for all you and Renae do. Music was exceptional as well. I appreciate you so much.

  • Sharon said, Today had a GREAT feel!!!!!!

  • Robert said, It was a great communion service. I could feel the Holy Spirit was in the sanctuary, the Music was on the money. A good day for me, I was moved.

  • We are firing on all eight cylinders in some areas of our church. Throughout the whole year of 2010 we have been retooling and restructuring one area at a time. This has resulted in a lot of improvement. On the other hand, as good as things are in our church, they are not so good in other areas. I’m taking a hard look hard at a few things and have determined that some stuff needs to be fixed. Our work is not done and more decisions have to be made.

  • Sometimes, silence ceases to be a virtue.

  • It looks like December is going to be a very busy month for us.

  • Barbara S. and Sharon P. did an excellent job in hospitality today, filling in for Ron & Carole B. who were away for the weekend.

  • Renae just finished putting up and decorating our Christmas tree. It looks real nice and has flooded our house with a feeling of Christmas.

  • Now that the Thanksgiving (gluttony food fest) holiday is over, I’m getting back on a regular eating routine. I ate wisely today. Tomorrow morning I will start the day off with an hour of serious exercise and will eat wisely every day this week. Instead of gaining weight in the month of December, I intend to actually lose a couple of pounds and stay in shape.

  • I think I am going to pull the trigger on a few decisions that I need to make.

  • The singers did an excellent job today. They served for the month of November.

  • Loved the communion service today. The idea of “remembrance” really got hold of me.

  • I was very glad the teenagers stayed in service with us. It’s important that they participate in communion with the adults. Also glad to see four or five teenage boys helping the ushers serve the elements.

  • It’s very important that teenagers get plugged in to big church and ministry roles.

  • I’m also very glad that some of our teenagers serve in teaching roles. Amazing.

  • At some point in the service today I said, “Can you say amen?” A lot of people responded as usual. But one teenage girl, who was sitting on the front row, got her timing all wrong and said “amen” when I was mid-sentence on something else. She giggled and then said, “I’m sorry.” I thought it was kind of cute. Can anybody tell me who she was? I’d like to encourage her to keep at it.

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Denise said...

That was Amber Gordon. Encouragement would be great!