Sunday, November 28, 2010

Teenagers and Serving in a Ministry

It should be apparent to anyone who makes a casual observation that teenagers are important to us at PCC. I don’t just say that because it makes a good sound bite. I say it because we practice what we preach. In addition to offering the teenagers a Wednesday night service provided by self-sacrificing adults, we EXPECT the teenagers to reciprocate BY SERVING in a ministry in return. Consider this:
  • At least four teenagers serve in our worship band
  • Teenagers serve as ushers at PCC
  • Teenagers serve as greeters
  • Teenagers work in hospitality
  • Teenagers teach in the children’s ministry
  • Teenagers help clean the building on Friday
  • Teenagers help with security and sign in procedures
  • Teenagers help with special events
  • In fact, teenagers serve all over the place at PCC

On a side note, I am always thrilled to see so many teenagers sitting on the front row on Sunday mornings.

I am glad that a lot of teenagers attend PCC, but I’m also glad that so many of them actually serve in a ministry. The very fact that we are deliberate about making this happen confirms the fact that we practice what we preach.

We value teenagers and will help them find a place of service in a ministry.

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Robert H. said...

I think its great our teens are helping out in different areas of ministry I really enjoy the guys helping out on the usher team We just need more!