Friday, January 14, 2011

The Reason Behind Our Church Name

There is a reason why we chose the name Pace Community Church:
  • It’s neutral. It does not contain any denominational identification

  • It’s simple to understand. We don’t have to explain a deep meaning behind the name

  • It’s descriptive. We are a church, and we are in Pace

  • It doesn’t sound weird

Traditional sounding names or denominational names are fine, but they carry a lot of misconceptions for unchurched people. Many unbelievers would never even consider visiting a denominational congregation. When we chose the neutral name of Pace Community Church for our church it was an evangelism strategy, not a theological compromise.

A church name is important. I probably wouldn’t attend a church named St. Joe’s Unitarian Univeralist Church for Vegetarians. Would you? That’s too weird. Nor would I visit a church that was named Christ Theological Holy Church for True Believers. It sounds too exclusive, like an insiders club. Then there are churches that use obscure words from the Bible in their church names that most people don’t even understand! Do you know what an Ebenezer is? See what I mean.

A Gallup pole revealed that almost half of Protestant Christians change denominational affiliation during their lifetime. So it’s obvious that today’s generation has very little “brand” loyalty when it comes to choosing a church. For most people, “value” is a greater draw. Few people choose a church on the basis of the denominational label. They choose a church that best ministers to their needs and is found to be faithful to Biblical values.

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