Sunday, January 30, 2011

Sunday Mind Dump - Janurary 30, 2011

Attendance was 418.

The way we received the offering today worked pretty good. I think we are finally getting the hang of it. There are still a few transitional issues we need to work out, but all is good.

After four weeks of receiving good offerings, we were a little lower today. Probably due to it being a 5th Sunday in the month.

Next Sunday I will provide a financial update to the church.

I was in an Escambia County Courtroom Friday afternoon (along with a group of people from PCC) in support of someone we know. While there we witnessed a 46 year old man, an officer of the court, a probation officer, be sentenced to prison for breaking the law himself. This man had a stellar career, was educated, articulate, and an accomplished person. He lost everything. He cried and pleaded for mercy. I was stunned. He went to prison anyway.

For the better part of my life I have been visiting hospitals, intensive care units, funeral homes, jails, and courtrooms. I have received an education from these experiences that keeps me sober and fearful.

I never cease to be impressed with how quickly you can lose everything….

Here are a few Facebook comments about today at PCC…

Polly said, As the amazing group sang at pace community church today...ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE, it really is true, IF they are done through our GODS saving grace. Awesome service today!

Martha said, Great message and music at church today!

Cathy said, Great message this morning at PCC. Thanks Pastor Ron. Enjoyed the offering message, every word was true. God is Faithful !

Terri said, Amazing music. Amazing message. Wow! my church ROCKS!

I met several new people today. Always enjoy that.

Glad that God is sending people to PCC.

45 people have signed up for Seminar 101 in three weeks. Awesome!

The front row was shoulder-to-shoulder with teenagers in the first service. Love it.

The fact that PCC has so many teenagers who are on an authentic spiritual journey let’s me know that God has not given up on the human race. He is raising up the next generation right now, and we are witnesses to it.

Children are a glimpse into a future that we will not live to see. We better do our job right.

I’m going to look at a new boat tomorrow.

I agree, we should make ourselves the friends of sinners. But that doesn’t mean that we live compromised lifestyles with them.

The current series (What Jesus Said About Eternal Life & Salvation) has been very informative. But I must say it is leaving me wiped out each week.

We will continue this series for a few more weeks, then begin a new series based on the life of JOSEPH.

I enjoyed sharing part of my testimony this morning.

I’m glad Jesus is Lord of PCC.

Been listening to some Fleetwood Mac lately. Enjoying it.

I read a magazine article two days ago that said the beef at Taco Bell is only 88% beef. The additional ingredients are a bunch of chemicals I can’t even pronounce. That’s another good reason to eat fresh produce…. fresh mullet… and to eat at home.

It’s getting close to time to having another baptism service.

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