Friday, February 11, 2011

Friday Five (okay Eight)

This Sunday: The message will be very encouraging – “Jesus Opens Blind Eyes.” It’s about spiritual enlightenment, seeing what others don’t see, and the pathway Christ takes us through to get there. I can’t wait. You’ll want to hear this one for sure.

Last Sunday: Three people walked out when I was only five minutes into the sermon. There were two in the first service and one in the second service. It could have been a coincidence and nothing more. But when I see someone pick up their belongings and abruptly walk out, I have to wonder. Perhaps they didn’t like the point that God seeks us before we seek Him. Yet the Bible still says “We love Him because He first loved us” (I John 4:19).

Exercise: I have finally broken through a sticking point in reducing my waistline. Better eating habits and mixing up my exercise routine is finally producing results. Now to keep the momentum going.

Some Information I have Learned About Nutrition & Fitness. Reading what the experts have to say has been an eye-opener for me:

• 80% of your body’s shape comes from what you eat (not from exercise).
• If you want to re-shape your body, proper eating and nutrition trumps exercise every time.
• Proper eating combined with exercise is the most effective way to re-shape your body. The results are very rapid.
• If you exercise without changing your eating habits, you’ll develop strong muscles but they will be hidden underneath layers of fat, and your body shape will remain the same.

PCC Newz. A lot of good things are happening at PCC right now. See last Friday’s blog here if you would like a reminder.

Bass Pro Shop. After work yesterday Renae and I went to the Bass Pro Shop near Mobile. Did a lot of damage to my checkbook. Buyers’ remorse? Not a chance. Can’t wait for warmer weather.

Looking for a Job. My youngest son, Nathan, is looking for job. He’s 23, a college student, about to graduate from UWF, and is a very hard worker. He wants to get out of the restaurant industry; which is where he has been working in for the last four years. If you are aware of any opportunities, we’d appreciate the lead.

New Casual Friday Dress Code. Yay. I get to wear jeans to work today.

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