Wednesday, February 9, 2011

An Innovative Church Growth Strategy

At PCC we spend a lot of time and effort attempting to fulfill the Great Commission, which is to reach those far from God and to make disciples. That will never change. It’s our mission and our very reason for existence. We make no apology for church growth.

• But our primary target audience is... Jesus
• We worship the Father in Spirit and in truth, for He seeks such – that is, true worshippers
• Our worship service, ultimately, is directed towards Him…. an audience of One
• For His pleaseure, for His glory, for His honor, and for His praise.

Furthermore, since no man comes to Jesus unless the Father draws Him (John 6:44 & 65), maybe the theological essence of our church growth strategy to reach irreligious people could be restated to read like this:

Create the kind of church and worship service that God wants to come to and He will bring people with Him.”

How’s that for innovative?


Anonymous said...

I'd say it's PERFECT. Great post, Pastor Ron.

Ron said...

I knew someone would get it. Thanks Donna.

Terry Reed said...

Your point is well taken. Too many churches neglect a proper emphasis on worship. That being said Jesus also told us to go. I think we need both to be truly obedient.
Terry Reed
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