Friday, February 18, 2011

I Would Hate to be Bitter

To be bitter is to carry emotional baggage around that weights you down. Maybe there is some pain or hurt from the past that dominates your thinking. It’s like a monkey on your back that you can’t shake off.

Bitter people filter all their emotions through their bitterness and it just oozes out of them. Bitter people are often jealous of others and resent their success. They adopt a victim mentality. Bitter people often lack self esteem and focus their resentment on anyone they perceive to be stronger than they are. Bitter people carry grudges for a long time.

Bitterness will keep you awake at night thinking about the person you resent, while he is getting a good night of sleep and waking refreshed in the morning. Bitterness is being resentful of your own circumstances and always looking for a scapegoat to blame. Bitter people are negative and complain. Bitterness will give you ulcers and high blood pressure. A bitter person wears a mask of self-righteousness while attempting to shift the blame away from himself. They dream about getting even, and sometimes even try.

Bitter people don't know when to let go. They keep hugging the pain even after enough time has elapsed that they should have already moved on. Bitter people are bitter becasue they are bitter.

Bitterness is like acid, it eats away at the vessel that contains it.

Bitterness starts as a root and ultimately defiles (Hebrews 12:15)

Yea, I’d hate to be like that.

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