Sunday, February 20, 2011

Sunday Mind Dump - Feb 20, 2011

Solid day at PCC. The worship was good, I enjoyed playing bass guitar, the singers were on-pitch, and the song selection very good.

We sang Amazing Grace on during offering time. It created a memorable and meaningful moment.

Attendance was up! Go figure. About twenty of our regulars were out and we have a slew of visitors.

Giving has been solid and consistent for January and February. I’m really encouraged about this.

Next Sunday we are singing Revelation Song and a group of young ladies will be on stage as a “sign team.” I’m sure it will be very beautiful.

After church today Renae and I spent the afternoon on the river. It was very nice.

Next Sunday is Seminar 101 and we have about 65 people signed up! A lot of volunteers will be there also to help make this a big success. I am always impressed at the way so many people step up to see our vision work.

Some good things are happening at PCC right now.

I’m really looking forward to the Joseph series that will begin in two weeks. PLEASE invite your friends to be there each week. It’s going to be very encouraging and helpful for a lot of people.

Boy, a lot of people told me today how much they really enjoyed today’s message. It was very encouraging to me.

We’re shuffling some things around and inviting people to join our ministry teams based on their passions, skill, and gifting that is going to make a huge impact at PCC.

It’s only February and it feels like springtime. Gotta love their weather in NW Florida.

I’m still exercising and watching what I eat.

Did you see all the teenagers on the front row in the first service today? All I can say is AWESOME!

I have been feeling pretty stressed lately. But I have been feeling might blessed too.

Thank you Curt S. for the 10 or 15 cases of bottled water you gave PCC today.

The sound guys have got it going on right now.

Anyone with a pulse can fall in love, it takes a plan to stay in love.

That’s it. My mind has been dumped. But then again, there wasn’t much there to begin with.

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