Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Leaders Make Decisions

There is one tell-tell sign, a dead giveaway, that exposes a weak leader – he or she can’t make decisions. Nothing signals leadership trouble more than a leader who can’t pull the trigger and decide. If you can’t make decisions, you can’t get things done. If you suffer from analysis paralysis, procrastination, timidity, or being indecisive, there is trouble looming.

Making decisions is not part of the job; it is the job.

If you are too busy to get things done, you have a big problem. There will always be constant demands on your time, a full calendar, and a hectic schedule. These things are never going to change – they are not going to somehow get better next week, next month, or next year. Procrastinating doesn’t make things better, it makes things worse. So quit stalling and start making decisions. The only thing that gives you more control over your time is to make good decisions and to teach the people you lead to do the same.

Good leaders have a bias toward action. If you can’t take action, make tough decisions, and motivate others, then you don’t belong in a leadership position.

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Ron Bryant said...

Yeah Ronnie, You can't make a wrong decision if you're not willing to make a decission in the first place. I think that is the main reason some people won't make decisions.