Thursday, February 24, 2011

No Two Relationships With God are Ever the Same

We must recognize that no two relationships with God are ever the same; and it’s quite alright with God. In fact, He has designed it that way. To illustrate the point, consider how much of a contrast Jesus and John the Baptist were from one another.

John lived in the wilderness, wore itchy camel’s hair, ate a strange diet of locusts, and greeted large crowds who flocked to hear him with a harsh message of repentance. When the theologians came to check him out, he ticked them off by calling them names and insisting that they, too, needed to get right with God or face judgment.

Jesus was much different. He had a reputation for hanging out with sinners, letting women of questionable reputation touch Him in public and generally living much different than what would be expected of a prophet or holy man.

Frankly, it’s hard to imagine any two people or ministries more polar opposites than Jesus and John. One lived in isolation waiting for people to come to him; the other traveled from town to town seeking out sinners. One followed a strict religious diet and fulfilled the rigors of a Nazarite vow; the other attended parties, lots of parties, and was known for turning water into wine.

Their differences were so great that even their followers were confused.

Yet, Jesus made it clear that the Father was greatly please with them both.

This should forever put to bed our attempts to create a one-size-fits-all spirituality.

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