Thursday, February 24, 2011

PCC News

REVELATION SONG - This Sunday - a special treat in the Sunday morning service ... the PCC SIGNing TEAM will sign this song during the Worship Service. These girls are very dedicated and offer their talents and gifts to the body of Christ through this special presentation. You don't want to miss it.

Sunday Night, 4-8 p.m. - SEMINAR 101 - Discovering the PCC Family. Childcare is provided, and a complimentary, delicious meal will be served at about the halfway point in the Seminar. There are currently 65 PEOPLE signed up for this class ... we are VERY excited about so many new friends exploring membership at PCC.

PCC COLLEGE CAFE will suspend its meeting this Sunday night so that the college students can also attend the Membership class.

Sunday Night 7:30 - WORSHIP TEAM MEETING - in the YOUTH ROOM. ALL vocalists and musicians are required to attend, and all tech people are invited as well.

Wednesday Night 6:00-8:30 - YOUTH NIGHT for all Middle- and High-School Students

Beginning NEXT SUNDAY, March 6th (not this Sunday, but NEXT) - All children's classes move down the Children's Hallway into larger spaces. Babies will remain in the nursery, but Toddlers & up will be moving to new classrooms. Please speak with your teachers this Sunday morning to find out which classroom your child will be in next week. Middle-School and High-School students will then remain in the Auditorium with their family and friends in order to make room for the expanding children's classes on Sunday mornings. WEDNESDAY NIGHTS is the special emphasize for the Middle- and High-School Students, with a first-class program designed especially for them.

ROAD TRIP FOR YOUTH GROUP - There are still some spots available for this summer's Youth Camp. The dates are August 1 - 5 at Camp Baldwin. The cost is $185 per student. If you are a middle-school or high-school student and want to go to camp, please contact Mrs. Denise Yates at the church office (994-4310). A $50 deposit is due upon registration ... again, see Mrs. Denise Yates. Also, if you would like to sponsor a student in any amount, please see Mrs. Denise and she'll let you know how you can do that.

BTW, I plan to make it there a couple of days or evenings myself and look forward to spending time w/the teens.

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