Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Jesus Owns Sunday - It is the Lord's Day

On Sundays, Christians go to church. Everybody knows that. It’s what we do. It’s part of the routine. And I suppose that’s the problem. It’s routine.

Sunday’s like that don’t deliver much of a spiritual punch, do they? We gain so much more from our church services if we prepare ourselves for that day. For the Christian, Sunday is our best day of the week. It's meant to be packed with promise, full of surprise, pulsating with life, discovery from the Word, and awe of God.

In the book of Genesis, during creation, we see God Himself taking a day of rest after six days of labor. He then made Sabbath-keeping one of the Ten Commandments under the Law of Moses.  While we are free from the Law, this does establish a very important precedent for New Testament Christians – a day of rest and worship is essential.

Keep in mind Sunday is not like any other day. The early church called it the "Lord’s day.” It is a special day.  It's not the Sabbath Day, it is the "Lord's Day."  It’s a day for us to gather in corporate worship, fellowship with other believers, receive instruction from God’s Word, and spend the day with our families.

We should see Sunday with new eyes. When your heart begins to beat for God’s glory and honor, then Sunday changes. It becomes something extraordinary. Something sacred. Something essential. It is HIS DAY.

Of course, every day belongs to God. But Sunday is the Lord’s day in a special way. JESUS OWNS SUNDAY and He OWNED IT when rose from the grave on the first Easter Sunday. Think of it. On that morning, for the first time, He conquered death! He atoned for our sin. He made a way for us to come boldly to the presence of the Father. And every Sunday since that very first Easter Sunday has been an anniversary of that amazing morning.  Now, the crucified and risen Jesus has promised to be present in a special way when His people gather together to worship Him.

Please don’t take Sunday for granted. Do whatever it takes to rediscover the wonder of it all. Next Sunday, during the morning service, look around the room and remind yourself: These are my blood-bought brothers and sisters in Christ. We are His church, His people. We are here this morning to proclaim His work in our lives. We are here to give witness of His great love, power, and glory.

“I was glad when they said to me, ‘Let us go to the house of the LORD!’” (Psalms 122:1)

Christmas falls on a Sunday this year, and since it is already the Lord's Day, my family and I will be in church together.

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