Friday, April 22, 2011

Music for Easter Sunday

The Worship Team will provide pre-service music this Sunday, beginning about 20 minutes before service begins.  Those songs are:

·       In Christ Alone
·       Glorious Day (optional, depending on time)
·       Will You Ride

You should get to service early to find a good seat.  In fact, sit towards the front.  No doubt, you will enjoy the pre-service selection, including the much-requested “Will You Ride.”  Another personal favorite of mine is “In Christ Alone.”  There is going to be a buzz in the house this Sunday!

The song selection and worship set for main service is:

·       Love Comes Down
·       Hosanna
·       Christ is Risen (the new song from 3 weeks ago.  It is really good)
·       Your Grace Still Amazes Me

Bring a guest.  Get there early.  Help yourself to a cup of Java.  Sit towards the front.  You’re going to love it.  Your kids are going to love Kids Zone.  Even the preacher is going to love it.

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