Friday, April 22, 2011

PCC Teens Help Local Homeless Children

Recently the teens of PCC have been involved in a local mission outreach effort and it was pulled of in a first class manner.  They organized this effort to provide humanitarian relief to the homeless children of Santa Rosa and Escambia Counties.  Denise Yates had the idea of collecting the items (that deprived children need) and placing them in Easter baskets.  The teenagers, as well as many others, contributed to this effort.  On Wednesday night the teenagers sorted the materials and stuffed the baskets.  On Thursday morning Denise and two others delivered 164 baskets to three local relief organizations; Favor House in Milton, Loves and Fishes in Pensacola, and Heavenly Blessings in Pensacola.

Holy cow!  These people are getting with the program and doing some stuff!

Through this effort the teenagers learned what it means to be Jesus’ hands and feet to a hurting community, not to mention the homeless children who actually benefited from this practical assistance.

I love being part of a church that does this kind of thing.  This is kingdom advancement.

Thank you Denise, Brain, all the teenagers, and everyone who helped, for a job well done!
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