Sunday, April 17, 2011

Sunday Mind Dump - April 17, 2011

Solid day at PCC.

Attendance was solid too, but a little lower than last week.

I still like the new service times.  They have a good feel.  One noticeable positive effect the new times have already accomplished is a better attendance and more energy in the second service.

I have been SLAMMED all week; so busy my head has barely been above water.

While on the stage in the fist service this morning, just before I did the welcome, my mind went completely blank.  There were a couple of things I needed to say, and I went totally blank.

After church we had my mother over for lunch, along with two other families from PCC.  It was good fellowship, good food, and good friends – what Sunday afternoons are made for.

Renae and I went berry picking this evening (for blackberries).  We found a good spot and quickly filled up a large container.  Cobbler is probably in our near future.

This is a picture of my son, Jonathan, (far right), and the band he plays in performing at Scratch Ankle this weekend.

EASTER:  Usually for Easter we do a community-wide mail out, have an Easter Egg hunt for the kids, and plan a variety of special activities to have a large attendance.  But this year we have decided to do none of these things.  Instead, we are going to simply allow our people to invite guests to the services with them.   We’ll have a good attendance, just the same, although it probably will not be double in size.

NEXT SUDNAY (EASTER):  The worship band will be performing two or three pre-service numbers before the countdown begins (i.e., Will You Ride?, Glorious Day, and In Christ Alone)  You will want to get there early to get a good seat and if you wan to hear extra music.

The message today really resonated with a lot of people. While it was not for everyone, the arrow found its mark for a number of our members.

Here are few Facebook comments:

Ron B. says:  Loved the message this morning at church, Ronnie sure makes you think. I know what he means about digging your heels in and being stubborn, just when you think you got it all figured out and are in control the Lord steps in and shows you how it is really going to be.

Sharon P. says:  I agree Ron. Have you seen the bumper sticker that says "make God laugh, tell Him your plans?"

Martha H. says:  Blessings to all this Sunday! Hope you spent time in the Lords house today. Beautiful worship music and wonderful word from our pastor!

Alyssa S. says:  "..have a vertical focus, with our eyes fixed upon God, when life brings hardships. God is usually in the midst of our circumstances doing what He does best, bringing about good. We need eyes of faith to see this."

One young man that I personally know, who is on a spiritual journey of seeking God right now, said:  Life doesn’t always go as planned.  There will be hardships and problems, both good and bad that you will have to face.  But you do have a choice of your own emotions and how you react to that burden – you can dwell and complain about it or you can look at it as a life-lesson.  Life is much more than what people are seeing.  Overcome the odds, it’s not impossible.  I went to church this morning and was surprised to see this topic that I’ve been discussing with friends the past few weeks.

This testimony is a miracle.  Trust me when I say that.

I love what God is doing at PCC right now.  The Sunday services are rocking.  The music is good.  The age-level ministries are firing on eight cylinders.  The workers are highly motive and enjoying their work.  (One lady sends pastor Gene an e-mail almost ever week telling him what a joy it is to serve).  The current message series is ministering to people every week.  In the very least, people are learning the Bible and discovering what an amazing God we serve!

The church will be CLOSED this FRIDAY for Good Friday.  The housekeeping team will clean the building on Thursday.  If you’d like to help out and join us for breakfast, we’d love to have you.  9:00 a.m.

One of our biggest needs at PCC right now is ADDITIONAL STAFF!  Full time staff.

A few brick-and-mortar projects that we would like to be able to accomplish this year are:  Purchasing an additional mower (for maintaining the campus grounds), and a one man lift (for changing light fixtures and doing overheard work in the building and parking lot).

Please keep me in your prayers.  I’m pretty stressed out right now.

Pray for revival at PCC.  There is so much that God wants to do in our community, and if we will cooperate with Him much will be accomplished. 

PCC is a great church.  We serve a great God.  Good things are in our future.

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