Friday, April 15, 2011

This Sunday's Message

Murphy’s Law.  You know what it is, right?  It states, “If anything can go wrong, it will.”  Life is like that sometimes.  Things don’t always work out like we planned.  Beyond minor inconveniences, sometimes tragedies even occur.

How should we respond to life’s setbacks?  We have two choices:  We can view them with faith, or we can resign ourselves to fate.  That’s what this Sunday’s message is about:  Fatalism verses Faith.

The focus of our attention will be upon Joseph’s father, Jacob.  He was a man who had trouble walking by faith even though he had known the Lord most of his life.  He was a negative, pessimistic, close-minded man who lived in fear.  “Everything is against me” he wailed.

We will learn the importance of having a vertical focus, with our eyes fixed upon God, when life brings hardships.  God is usually in the midst of our circumstances doing what He does best, bringing about good.  We need eyes of faith to see this.

You will be challenged.  You will be encouraged.  Bring a friend.

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