Sunday, May 29, 2011

Sunday Mind Dump - May 29, 2011

  • Good church today.  We had an excellent Communion Service.  It was very well done and very meaningful.  The text was penetrating and the Communion experience was uplifting.  I was edified.
  • I guess no one told the congregation of PCC that Memorial Day weekend is the time you’re supposed to skip church because attendance was exceptional for a holiday weekend. 
  • We had a number of guests too.  I met one particular couple after the second service and had a very nice chat with them.  Hope to see them again.
  • Let me say for the record that today’s service could not have happened without the help of so many dedicated people who SACRIFICIALLY SERVE at PCC.  In fact, if not for these people no Sunday at PCC would be possible.
  • During the music today I was standing in the back looking across the room.  I thought to myself, “Look at all these people.  They are here to receive Communion on a holiday weekend!  What would I do if I didn’t have the help of so many volunteer ministers who faithfully serve week after week?”
  • If you want to know what SACRIFICIAL SERVICE looks like, just look around our church.  There are people who lay down their lives and exemplify what servant-hood and commitment looks like!  And I mean across the board; from the top to the bottom and everything in-between!
  • They are some of the finest people I have ever known.
  • The other side of the coin is the CONSUMERS in the church.  PCC has their fair share of them too.  They have a deep sense of entitlement and believe that the church exists to merely cater to them and their needs.  It is a MISTAKE for church leaders to bend in that direction.  The church that caters to such a fickle people is forced to create dozens and dozens of different programs to meet those ever changing consumer demands.  This is blight on the church because it develops shallow, self-centered Christians, and is a drain on a church’s limited resources.
  • I don’t mind saying that a few people have given me a severe case of heartburn this week too.  They are absolutely self-centered.  We try to do so much for some folk and the first time we can’t meet an expectation they are ready to jump ship and shop around for another church.  Consumers, that’s what they are. 
  • Instead of stepping up to the plate and offering to help their church navigate its way through periods of transition, they bolt at their first sign of not getting their way.  Instead of staying put and helping their church to become a better church (like they wish it was), they change churches like changing socks.
  • Look.  The church is a “family” and God’s people are “family members.”  Family members stick together through thick and thin - they plow their way through the tough seasons of family life.  That’s what good Christian’s do too.
  • I believe it is part of my pastoral duty confront people on this matter.  I have to call it for what it is.  If it’s a spade, you call it a spade.  If is selfish and self-centered, you call people out on it. 
  • If you are looking for a pastor who is like "Mister Rogers" in "Mister Rogers Neighborhood," you won't find him at PCC.  I don't wear cardigan sweaters either.
  • The Bible teaches that Christians are servants and should live sacrificially for the cause of Christ and for one another.  That means instead of expecting the church to meet all your needs, you sacrificially lay down your life to meet the needs of others.  A heart of humility does not say, “I demand more.”  Instead, it says,  “I am here to serve.”
  • Comparing the two types of people, I know who to put my trust in:  It’s those people who have BEEN WITH ME through thick and thin, that’s who!
  • I will make my deepest investments in such people too.
  • Renae and I went fishing yesterday.  We caught four fish; two Redfish and two bass.  We love being on the water.
  • After church today we went to the Navy Boat Docks on Blackwater River to attend a retirement party for Brad U.  He has just retired from the United States Coast Guard after 20-something years.  We were honored to be invited and had a lot of fun on the river.
  • BTW, Brad serves on our audio tech team.  His wife, Kim, used to be our Nursery Director.  Other family members of his serve in a variety of critical roles at PCC too.  Brad has already landed a civilian job at Eglin Air Force Base with Lockheed Aircraft Corporation.  We are very happy for them.
  • “Rejoice with them that rejoice” (Romans 12:15a).
  • We are also very glad that they do not have to move away.  Brad said, “We have stakes here.”  Yea, I like hearing that kind of thing.
  • Living around here and taking advantage of the local recreational features (especially the water and Blackwater State Forest) is like living on vacation.  There’s no need to go anywhere; just take advantage of what NW Florida has to offer.
  • Someone left an anonymous envelope on my desk today.  I opened it up and there were two gift cards inside to Bass Pro Shop.  One was for shopping in the store and the other was for their exceptional restaurant.  THANK YOU!  THANK YOU!  THANK YOU!  Yes, we will enjoy using the cards you provided, and I know it was a financial sacrifice for you to make this purchase, but let me say (to whoever you are) that your thoughtfulness speaks volumes to me and Renae. 
  • I suspect that we have recently done something for you in our Christian service and you decided to reciprocate in like manner.   Whatever you motive, thank you.  We had a difficult week and your envelope made a big difference in my emotional state.  That's what I'm talking about.
  • Usually when I get an anonymous envelope from someon it is full of junk, so it was a good to receive something nice for a change.
  • Mike C. was on drums today and he nailed it.  Jonathan C. and Matt L. were on guitar and they did an exceptional job too.  Cameron G. was on bass and he was rocking!  Cameron has really evolved as a good bass player.  All the singers sounded good and I think this team is really coming into their own; they are jelling as a team and their chemistry is good.  Renae did a good job on the song selection for Communion too; she is very experienced and skilled in this regard.  I was so impressed with everyone that I had to walk up to them (while still on stage) and tell them “good job.”
  • The song “Jesus Messiah” was HUGE today.  It is perfect for Communion.  I loved the spontaneous standing, uplifted hands, audible worship, and obvious repentance sweeping the room.
  • New guitarists will be on stage next week.
  • And a special shout out to our grounds-keeping team, hospitality, greeters, ushers, audio & projection, welcome desk, age-level ministries, house-keeping, and EVERYONE ELSE who makes PCC happen.
  • We’ve had some staffing changes at PCC recently.  I’ll be writing about this soon.
  • Blessed does not begin to describe my life right now.  With all the challenges I face, I am blessed.  Things are good at church, in my family, and in my walk with God
  • I’m looking forward to some Cuban cooking soon :-)

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Eddie Hernandez said...

Service was exceptional, and really took the time to look inward and the sacrifces God made for us. It was emotional just to come to grips with it.

I, too am looking forward to Cuban cooking.. surprise coming your way soon but don't tell anyone I told you so..