Thursday, May 5, 2011

Thursday Edition Mind Dump

·     After being offline for a few days and living in a van down by the river, I woke up to discover that Osama Bin Laden was dead, killed by a team of U.S. Navy Seals.  Maybe I should unplug more often.

·     Last Sunday was a good day at PCC.  Attendance was off, but still strong.  It was a successful day because we worshipped God, gave sacrificially, learned from the Word, fellowshipped together, and served the Lord.

·     When we started PCC thirteen years ago we broke all the rules that church planting books and gurus say you’re supposed to do.  Yet we see God doing some amazing things.

·     It truly amazes me to see the diverse group of people that God has drawn together in the PCC family.

·     If the grace we are willing to show does not risk our reputations, we’re not showing much grace.  We’re too religious.

·     When I started out as a church planter, the people I thought would always be there didn’t stay.  However, people I did not even know were the ones who God has sent to us for the long term.

·     Outlast your critics.  It will drive them crazy.

·     After I get through preaching/teaching on Sunday, I always pray that what I meant to say, what I said, and what people heard are reasonably similar.

·     When skill combines with love (agape) it creates beauty and God honoring ministry.  Skill without love is just religious noise (I Corinthians 13)

·     Words that can HELP come from the mind, but words that can HEAL come from the heart.

·     “Music is God’s gift.  I place it next to theology.  Satan hates music.  He knows how it drives evil spirits out of us” (Martin Luther, the German monk).

·     Music is spiritual.  The music business is not.

·     Church is not a “gig.”
·     Raising teenagers is one of the ways that God teaches you patience and unselfishness.

·     "Do not forget the things I have done throughout history. For I am God, I alone, There is no one else like me" (Isaiah 46:9)

·     Renae and I went on a fishing trip with Robert & Joyce Hughes for a couple of days near Tallahassee at Lake Talquin.  We left Sunday afternoon and returned Wednesday.  We caught a lot of fish too.  Lot’s of fun.

·     During that time I had no internet, was offline, and very little contact with the outside world.  It was very nice to be unplugged for a few days. 

·     I also gained one hundred pounds while on this trip.

·     Gas prices rose 15-20 cents during that time too.  Dang!

·     Coffee prices are up 27%.  When is this going to end?

·     The only sure way to double your money right now is to fold it in half and put in back in your wallet.

·     I opened my email when I got home and all I can say is that it was full!  It was like jumping back into the frying pan.

·     On the drive back home Renae and I did a lot of talking about the ministry, the future, and what we want the next chapter of our lives to look like.

·     Looking forward to this Sunday.  I’m expecting a good day.

·     But for now it’s back to work.

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