Friday, June 17, 2011

Newness is the Trigger for Momentum

New leaders trigger momentum
New direction triggers momentum
New programs trigger momentum
New initiatives trigger momentum
New classes grow faster than established ones
New groups grow faster than established ones

Everything has a limited shelf life.
Nothing is intended to last forever.  Momentum has a limited amount of energy and then it slows down and loses life.  APPLICATION:  Start a new ministry or new initiative for a predetermined period of time only, then deliberately close it down (planned abandonment) and start something new.  The “newness” eventually wears off because momentum is not sustainable.  New things are the key to momentum.  Kill programs that have served their purpose, no matter who has an emotional investment in them, capture the resources (money and people) and then reallocate them in new initiatives.

 When evaluating our church, its programs and ministries, we must ask these key questions:
Do we need a new leader?
Do we need a new direction?
Do we need a new program?

Credits:  Andy Stanley, Northpoint Community Church, Atlanta GA

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