Saturday, June 18, 2011


Renae and I went fishing today.  We caught eight fish; one red fish (red drum); two bass; five speckled trout.  They were all keepers, (by my standards), but we threw them back in.  It was a catch-and-release day.  Makes me feel good to do that. 

While we were out on the water we bumped into a few people from PCC who were in their party boats, I mean pontoon boats.  We beached at Scavanes Point in Blackwater Bay (a place my father often went to) and had lunch with them.  It was a great day to be on water.  Just another reason why I like living in NW Florida. 

I took the photo of the boats and Renae took the group picture.  (Yours truly is in the back row with the yellow fishing shirt and ridiculous hat.  But hey, I was fishing today, not trying to impress anybody.  Apparently I succeeded at both endeavors).

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Anonymous said...

a fun day ... good fishing (eventually) ... good eats ... and best of all, good friends, ENDURING friendships.