Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Sunday Mind Dump - Tuesday Edition

After church Sunday, Renae and I spent the afternoon making two visits.  Then my daughter in-law went into labor and was admitted to Sacred Heart Hospital.   That turned into an all-night event.  Monday came and that was all-day event too.  Jamie was in labor for 27-28 hours I think.

Finally she delivered.

We had some scary moments all along the way.  Real scary.

Yet Renae and I have a healthy grandson, Nolan Christian.  This makes us first-time grandparents.  Nolan’s father and mother, Jonathan & Jamie, are proud first-time parents.

Jamie’s parents, Robert & Ann Lewis are now second-time grandparents.  Their first grandchild (son) was born a few weeks ago.

All of us are very happy.  It was a family event with a lot of joy.

Nolan was born two weeks early and weighed six pounds.

Thanks for all the words of encouragement. 

Being at the hospital Sunday and Monday kept me away from the computer and not able to post Sunday Mind Dump.  But since it's already Tuesday, I'll offer a short summary.

Regarding Sunday…..

I think the message was dead on:  Christ’s Call to Community and Mission with a special emphasis upon the “mission” aspect..  It was from John 17:15-23. 

The main points were: 

I. The Church Does Not Exist Only for Itself, But for Also Those Outside the Family (v.20). 

II. The Success of This Mission Depends on Our Relationship With Each Other by Maintaining Unity (v.21). 

III.  Our Relationship with Each Other Depends on Our Relationship with Christ i.e., We are united because of God’s glory, not by being cookie cutter facsimiles of each other.  (v.22-23).

A few quotes:

There is one thing you can't do in heaven that you can do on earth:  Tell a lost person about the love of God.  Why?  Because lost people won’t be in heaven.  Not one.  Your only chance is to tell them now.

Is anyone going to heaven because of you?

Unity does not mean uniformity.  We can be united in diversity.

Unbelievers will be convinced that God loves them when they see God’s people loving each other (v.23).

Other things about Sunday….

Giving was solid, and it was a good way to start the month of November.  However the level of giving for the months of September and October were lower than normal.

The energy level was electric in the first service, from start to finish.

I can’t say that about the second service.

We had a good number of first-time and second-time guests.  Very glad that God is sending people our way.

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