Tuesday, November 8, 2011

What to Know About Our Volunteers

1.  Volunteers are busy people.  They have a limited amount of time to donate, so they don’t have lots of time for a bunch of extra meetings.  And they don’t read all the e-mails we send out.  After all, I don't read every e-mail that ends up in my drop box either.

2.  The need clear directions.  A written job description, including time commitments, is appreciated by many of them.

3.  They want to succeed, help the church, meet expectations, and please their church leaders.  More importantly, they want to please God.

4.  They want to feel good about what they do.  Check boxes and completing simple tasks are UNinspiring.  They want to be part of something that leads to results, not continuously plugging away without seeing success.

5.  Their only reward shouldn’t be in heaven.  Appreciating people isn’t expensive.  Recognition and information are two great ways to appreciate people.

6.  They need a break.  No volunteer should be asked to commit to a position for life.  This is especially true of children’s ministry workers. 

7.  They need someone to care for them.  As pastors we are their shepherd, not just a leader.  Personally.  Family.  Spiritually.  Does someone know their children by name?

8.  People have to be “asked” to serve.  General requests from the stage or appeals in the bulletin get very few results.  Ask people personally.

9.  They need development.  Not all volunteers are leaders.  Some are doers.  We are must train and develop people, not simply use them to get stuff done.  This requires coaching, not just delegating.

10.  Volunteers are the greatest asset PCC has. 

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