Friday, December 9, 2011

2011 Christmas Offering

Each year in December we give above and beyond our regular giving to bless our church and community in a generous way. If we end the year financially strong, we would like to fund these initiatives next year:

TEENS: At least 20 scholarships to help teen students experience summer camp in 2012, and to provide training and supplies for the leaders who pour into teenagers each week.

KIDS: Continue offering first-class curriculum and guidance for the 70+ kids who attend Kids Zone each Sunday at PCC, as well as resourcing the leaders who serve our children weekly.

FIRST IMPRESSIONS MINISTRY: Improve all aspects of our Guest Services by creating a positive first impression for newcomers to PCC. When guests are valued, they will return. This area includes, but is not limited to, traffic & parking, ushers, greeters, welcome center, and hosts.

FOOD & BEVERAGE: Purchase of kitchen equipment and other material for expanding fellowship activities, banquets, and our growing Café ministry.

NEWCOMERS: Development of Next Step Opportunities for newcomers to PCC such as seminars, workshops, and events.

DISCIPLESHIP: Continued development of Discipleship systems and opportunities for those who actively attend PCC.

BUILDING: Upgrades to our building such as painting the walls, new furniture for the atrium and chairs for the patio.

EQUIPMENT: Purchase a one-man Aerial Lift for overhead maintenance.

Ways to Give in the Christmas Offering:

1. Online at (just click the GIVE tag and follow the directions)
2. Each Sunday morning in December
3. You can make an ongoing pledge
4. Mark your gift as “Christmas Offering.”
5. Or you may designate your gift to a specific item on this list and it will be used to specifically fund that area.

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