Monday, December 12, 2011

Sunday Mind Dump - December 2011

Something is wrong with the drivers’ door on my Tahoe.  It won’t open from the inside handle.  So when I want to get exit the vehicle, I have to roll down the window and reach out to use the outside handle.  Makes me feel like the Dukes of Hazard.

It’s going to the shop A.S.A.P.

Five of my six puppies are headed to new homes in the next day or two.  Going to miss them.  I’ve gotten too attached.   They are beautiful and have great personalities.  Have I mentioned I’m going to miss them?

I hope to spend the whole day writing Tuesday. When I was in school a day of writing would have been pure misery. Today, it feels like heaven. What changed?

Church was good yesterday.

Attendance was up in the second service.  The ironic thing was that it was the same day I announced that second service was being discontinued.

Although attendance was up in second service, it was still flat.  Very flat.  The energy level is so low it feels mortifying.  We’ve decided to put this thing out of its misery.

We had a Christmas party last night for ministry leaders and team leaders.  Great event.  I always enjoy spending face time with PCC people outside of the Sunday morning service, and last night was no different.

The food was excellent.  So was the company.

Renae and I have been invited to a small group party next Sunday evening.  Looking forward to that too.

Next Sunday morning’s message title is: Advent.

Christmas day we are receiving communion.

2012 is going to be very exciting.

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