Tuesday, January 31, 2012

I'm Through with Christianity

I dislike what Christianity has become.  Christianity in America is now a set of political views, and a way to distinguish different groups of people (Jews, Muslims, Christians, Hindus) as voting blocks.  Then there is all the bickering and slander taking place on TV commercials coming from these 'Christian' politicians.  It’s embarrassing.

In order to be a faithful Christian I can only vote for politicians who say they hold a certain party line on the right issues.  It does not matter if I agree with their economic views, their foreign policies, or theories on education. It doesn’t even matter if voting for (so called) Christian politicians over and over again over half a life time has changed nothing; if they pass the Christian litmus test then they must be my candidate. 

Christianity in America seems to be led by self-appointed spokesmen who attack others without charity, seek places of prominence wherever they go and live outrageously extravagant lifestyles. They are so important that they can't possibly be expected to fly with commoners on commercial airlines. One leader needs a jet that costs $3000 an hour to operate so they can get from one Christian event to another and be home in time to record their Christian television show. Jesus' commands to serve, to do acts of kindness in private and to prove your discipleship by pure love for others seem to be secondary for some of these Christian leaders.

It appears the main goal of Christianity in America has become an effort to build a society where Christian values are imposed, using politicians to get us there.  And if Christians can’t force non-Christians to act like Christians, we’ll just build our own separate society. We'll shop in Christian stores, buy from Christian salesmen, and live in Christian neighborhoods.

I am flawed in my faith and every day I make mistakes that I am ashamed of.  As I grow older I love Jesus more and more and the church He died for.  But I just can't buy into this Christian-political-thingy anymore. So I quit. I am resigning from the Christian party, the Christian club, the Americanized version of Christianity. I am going to devote the rest of my life to loving God with all my heart and loving my neighbor as myself. I am going to spend all of my energy learning more about Jesus so I can follow him as closely as I can. Every day I am going to pick up my cross and follow Jesus; and I am going to do my best to be a light in my community and salt in a desperate world.

PS - I'm back on Hiatus for the rest of the week.


Eddie Hernandez said...

I am actually wondering if you can actual go on Hiatus for a full week. That is why I love our church and your passion. Well said.

Brooke said...

THIS has been part of the "process" that has led my family to PCC. As I sit here reading through random posts on your blog tonight, I feel like I am reading my own blog. We have been under heavy conviction of the Spirit these past months about EVERYTHING we thought we believed about being a "Christian". He has been opening our eyes more and more to the truth as opposed to what we have been taught. It's almost overwhelming, but He has been faithful to grant us wisdom through His Word. The more I read your blog, the more I feel affirmed that God has led us to PCC. I know He's only just begun with what He has for us to learn! But so far, everything you have preached, and all that I have read here, have lined up directly with the things He has been revealing to us before we ever even found you. Nothing short of a "God thing".

Ron said...

Good to hear from your Brooke. Thanks for the encouragement!