Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Seven Reasons Why I love Our Children's Ministry

#1.  It’s Clean.  No nasty carpet.  No smells.  No dirty floors.  I know that our kids’ area is clean and that really matters to parents.

#2.  It’s Safe.  Background checks have been conducted on every staff member and every volunteer that has any contact with children or students.  Also, there is a volunteer security team that makes sure random people or unauthorized people do not just walk through our kids’ area.  Plus, there is a solid check-in system that clearly identifies each child with the adult who checks them into class, and that same adult must pick them up.

#3.  It’s Fun.  All the children who attend PCC’s Kids Zone absolutely love it!  I also happen to appreciate the fact that “fun” is a value in our kids’ ministry.  Where in the world did we ever get the idea that children have to suffer their way through church?

#4.  Our Children’s Staff and Volunteers are Exceptional!  To begin with, they love children.  They do not serve in this capacity out of forced duty but rather delight.  Secondly, these people are very skilled in what they do.

#5.  Our Children Know God’s Word.  When a church commits to teaching God’s Word to kids in an environment they love to be in, they’re going to learn.  Why?  Because they tune-in instead of tuning out.  You’d be surprised how much our kids know the Word.

#6.  They are Resourced.  PCC invests as heavily in our children’s ministry as we can.  Just take a stroll down Kids Zone and notice the environments that have been created, the equipment being used, and the curriculum being taught.  It’s fresh, current, and costs money.  Why do we do it?  Because children are worth it.  I don’t believe they are the church of tomorrow, they are the church of today!  I believe they matter today.  I believe that if we invest in them today and help them grow up with a favorable view of church, then tomorrow will look a lot different.

#7.  The Curriculum is Current.  While God’s Word never changes, the curriculum used to present God’s Word should change to remain effective.  In case you haven’t figured it out yet, the day of flannel graphs is over. Our curriculum is hot!  It is solid!  It is Biblical!  And its teaching techniques are current too.    Just last Sunday a mother blown away by the things she saw at PCC, and told us how impressed she was.

A premiere children’s ministry cannot be left to chance.  Kids are worth it.

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