Monday, January 23, 2012

Sunday Mind Dump - Jan 22, 2012

Another great day at PCC.

Attendance has increased the last three Sundays in a row.  The sanctuary was almost packed to capacity.

The number of people indicating they have made commitments to Christ has been steady too.  A good thing.  We’ll have to schedule a baptism soon, and get these people on a growth tract.

After church we held our first Meet-and-Greet for 2012.  This is a lunch for newcomers and a chance for them to meet the ministry staff and senior staff of our church.  More than thirty newcomers attended the event and I got to talk to each one; something I enjoyed immensely.

In a church our size, many people choose to remain anonymous and hidden.  But when we offer events like these some people choose to step out of the crowd to make themselves known, and most of them are ready to take a next step almost immediately.  Maybe this is why most of the newcomers told me today that they have already signed up for our Newcomers Class to be offered in February.

A special shout out to the team who put this event together!  You did an exceptional job!

All things considered, it appears our sails have caught a good wind right now.  We’ll ride it as far as it will carry us, then when the momentum slows we’ll reevaluate and do something different.

Nothing is forever.... and our church structure is flexible, enabling us to turn on a dime when necessary.

I really enjoyed the last song in the song service:  In Christ Alone.”  This song is filled with good theology in every verse, has a thunderous beat, is appealing to men, and makes me want to shout.  Besides, our worship team presents it in a way that is as good as anybody can.

One of my favorite lines: 
No guilt in life, no fear in death, this is the power of Christ in me;
From life’s first cry to final breath, Jesus commands my destiny.

How about the offertory?  It was an oldie:  He Touched Me.  Nan (Renee Jones’ mother) did a good job on her solo too.  A lot of people spoke favorably of the song, telling us how much they enjoyed it.

I spoke from Esther 3 today.  The main theme was “evil” in the world.  Chapter 3 is where Haman (the murderous conspirator) enters the picture.  This man is a portrait of undiluted evil.

It’s easy to think of evil as some invisible influence out there in the world somewhere – and certainly it is, having it origins in the unseen world.  However, evil unusually manifests or personifies itself in “people.”

Yes, there is such a thing as “evil people” in the world.  And without repentance, such people ultimately become the objects of God’s wrath.

Haman is a name that has gone down in infamy… especially in Jewish culture, even to this day.

Today I told a personal story of the day that Renae and I visited the bombed Federal Building in downtown Okalahoma City shortly after it happened.  Timothy McVeigh is a name that has gone done in infamy in American culture. 

I can’t believe how many new faces I see each week.  Since God has sent us these people, they are future disciples.

I had an extremely good workout yesterday (Saturday).  Exercise it an important part of my life.

Also yesterday, my uncle died.  He was my father’s brother.  Very nice man.  My memories of him go all the way back to the earliest days of my childhood.  Fond memories.

I’m ready to go fishing again…. soon.  I have twelve fishing poles, a cast net, a bait net, and a boat.  Now I’m just waiting for the weather to cooperate.  Oh yea, I’m also waiting for RH and DS to get it in gear.

In the last sixteen years I have owned only two vehicles (a Ford Explorer and a Chevy Tahoe).  And both were used when I purchased them.  This was a deliberate choice on my part.  By doing so, I have saved a lot of money that would have otherwise gone to the bank.  You can spend a small fortune buying vehicals too often.  BTW, my Tahoe has 207,000 miles on it.  I’m going to drive it one more year.

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