Sunday, September 30, 2012

Sunday Mind Dump - September 30, 2012

The best part of today is that four people crossed the line of faith, committing to Jesus Christ and surrendering to His Lordship.  That never gets old.

Another great part of today’s service was the music and worship.  Philip P. really did a good job leading, and the rest of the band really stepped it up too.

I really got into the last song:  This is the Air I Breathe.

Started the new series on Samson today.  Several people told me after service how it was exactly the right word at the right time.  Only God can do that.

Two quotes from the message:

There is not one single verse in the Bible – not one – that says once you become a Christian you can live any old way you want to.  It’s just not there.  What is there is a book full of commandments, promises, and instruction that reminds us of what God expects from us – that He wants our full commitment. 

Samson went to the wrong place looking for the wrong thing while rejecting the godly counsel of his parents to get it.

I’m pretty much an open book when I teach, and today was no different.  I closed the message with a moment of personal transparency. 

Another great thing that happened was a gift given to me.  Larry & Sharon P. just got back from a two week vacation that included a stop in Wisconsin.  They brought me some authentic Wisconsin cheese – three different types – and one block of the cheese is six years old!  Fabulous.  The best cheese I’ve ever eaten.  This was a real treat.

Very positive comments were turned in on the registration cards.

Seminar 101 in four weeks – the last Sunday in October.

In November we’re having a baptism service.  Plus the entire month is fellowship potluck each Sunday.

I’m working on a new message series based on the book of Proverbs.  Very excited.
I planted onions Saturday, which completed my fall garden.  Can’t wait for the harvest to come in.  I’ll be posting pictures as things progress.

Very glad that the newly blended ushers/security team is working so well.

Things are good at PCC.  Really enjoying this season of ministry.

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