Friday, January 25, 2013

Some Personal 411

SLAMMED is all I can say!

I have five Jack Russell Terriers.  That’s four too many.  They have dug under the fence and got lose five times in the last ten days.  It’s not fun going on a hunting mission through the neighborhood looking for them, only to wait on phone call from an irate neighbor…. five times!

I’ve got some serious problems with the field lines at my house too.  It has been an issue for years, but has now reached the point that they have to be replaced.  This is a big project and will cost boo-coo bucks to repair.  Not happy. 

If that isn’t enough, my Tahoe finally bit the dust this week.  The engine is ka-put.  It started about six months ago when one of the cylinders (or piston rings) burned up; the mechanic said I will probably need a new motor.   Since then I’ve been driving with seven of the eight piston it has turned into a real rattle trap, and it’s been guzzling gas and burning oil.  The brakes recently started squealing.    Then last Friday water started pouring out the bottom of the engine – I think the water pump failed.  I haven’t even been able to drive to work (a distance of one mile) without the engine overheating and on the verge of burning up.

The Tahoe is fifteen years old and has 216,000 miles on it.  Time to upgrade.  I haven’t had a auto payment for so long that I’m already suffering from sticker shock.  Can’t put it off any longer; fixing to upgrade.

Some better news on the health front.  I have had extreme pain in my left shoulder for more than fifteen years.  Pain has been my constant companion.  It has also affected my sleep.  It’s been so bad that I finally reach the place that I thought my only option was surgery.  However, I recently discovered that my condition is called “shoulder impingement” so I began a series of rehabilitation exercises using a stretch band.  IT HAS BEEN (ALMOST) LIKE A MIRACLE CURE.  Overnight my pain has let up.  I can’t tell you what a relief it has been, not only in my shoulder but in my mind.

I will be planting red potatoes within the next two weeks or so.  Really enjoying this garden thingy I’m doing nowadays.

I’m craving me some summer time.  Can’t wait to get back out on the water.  Last night I heard the song Pontoon” and it got me in the mood.

Can't wait to resume fishing.

Good things are happening in my life right now.

Good things are happening at PCC too.

Very thankful.

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