Sunday, January 27, 2013

Sunday Mind Dump - January 27, 2013

I love Sundays. It's off to church for worship, fellowship, and time in God’s Word.  Then it’s a family dinner and a long lazy afternoon in my easy chair. It makes a person rich.  It’s what Sunday’s are for.

We are experiencing some serious momentum right now.  The excitement in our services is… well, exciting!

The testimonies coming in from people all over the place simply blows me away.  Just today, we received two long letters from people about their experience with God in this morning’s service.  Very, very encouraging.
Looking over the commitment cards after church I noticed another five or six people committed to and received Christ!  And that’s on top of the five or six from two weeks ago. 

It seems like a move of God is taking place.

I don’t say that based merely on our attendance or the recent commitments to Christ, but because of everything God is doing right now.  Things are happening across-the-board in all spheres of life:  people are being saved… new servants are sacrificially serving… new leaders are stepping up… disciples are being developed… God’s Word finds its mark each Sunday…unity is strong… joy is full…. music is good… new talent is being deployed… team chemistry is firing on all eight cylinders… Christ is exalted… much fruit is manifested… and God is glorified.

No human being could ever orchestrate all that.  Even if we could, it would be empty and void.  This is a God-thing.

What’s the key:  new volunteers… new teams… new talent… new leaders… and new models of ministry.

The Welcome Center was jammed with new people today.

I’m very pleased that the team members (in Guest Services) know how to serve so well; acting as hosts… escorting newcomers to appropriate areas… answering questions…  and making them feel at home.  That creates a positive first impression.

Today’s message was about guilt… the law… the gospel of Jesus Christ… and God’s unlimited patience with us.  It really seemed to resonate with a lot of folk.
I really enjoy teaching verses-by-verse.  It’s so beneficial to everyone. 

Using that method, the text always determines the topic and compels ministers to teach the Word as it is written.

If it’s in the Bible, then it is intended for God’s people to know.

Next week we will be in chapter 2 of I Timothy.  The topic will be “Instructions for Worship.”  We’ll be talking about prayers being offered up for government officials; the lifting of hands in worship (how and why we do it, and what it means); how women should properly adorn themselves; and the role of women in the church regarding teaching and submission.  Yikes!

Yes, we’re doing to tackle the subject.  We go to places where angels fear to tread.

The next message series at PCC will be from the book of James.  I already have two men lined up to assist me.  Our congregation will greatly benefit from these additional teachers.

I love what God is doing at PCC right now.

I’m blown away at the number of children who have suddenly showed up.

Looking across the congregation this morning, I was astonished at the number of young couples.  What this does to me, words cannot describe.  Young parents searching for God…. or on fire for God… connecting with God…. and serving God.

I’m very pleased that the next generation is already among us.  They will take PCC into the future.

Almost time to pass the baton.

I played guitar today and really enjoyed it.  It’s been a long time.

The children’s chorus was fantastic.  I especially enjoyed the last song when they went into a key-change to a higher range… and the kids nailed it!  I wanted to jump up and down.  It was moving.

Renne J. and Sandra B. did an exceptional job working with them for the last month (as chorus directors) and it showed.

I think the kids are slated to sing again on Easter Sunday.

Pace Community Church is SO much more than it was a few years ago.  God gets all the credit.  Yet, at the same time, the great people who have risen from within our ranks must be acknowledged too.  Without them, we would only be a shell of what we are right now.

Love getting the e-mails and Facebook notifications from people about the good things God is doing in their lives.

Okay, my mind is dumped.

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