Sunday, May 19, 2013

Sunday Mind Dump....

Today's service was exceptional.  The children's chorus sang, which is a always bit hit.

Philip Polk led the worship team.  He and the team did a good job.  It was very inspiring.

Renee Jones shared a testimony between songs.  It touched a lot of people... and God got the glory.

Mike & Christa Collins were on guitar and bass.  A job well done.

Gene Tharp brought the message today, from James 3:13-18.  The topic was about having the wisdom of God.  Very insightful.

Eleven poeple signed up for water baptism today.  Wow!

We will probably have the baptism service sooner than I announced.

It was refreshing to have a couple of spontaneous testimones today too.

From the things said, you could tell that people really love their church family and God.

It was good to see Wade & Ashlie Colon in service today too.  Great couple.

Next Sunday Greg Gill is brining the morning message.

Philip Polk will be leading worship again next Sunday.

This week me and Reane are out of town for a fishing trip. 

Blog activity will be slow this week... becaues I am going to be in-a-van-down-by-the-river.

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