Wednesday, December 18, 2013

When a Committee Goes Rouge

Church committees.  Sometimes they work, sometimes they don’t’.  And always, they are unbiblical.

A true story:

Last week, a woman in another state sent a message to say that her nephew, an associate pastor – a young man with seminary degrees and several years of experience – had just received a visit from the congregation’s personnel committee.  According to this little group, the minutes of the business meeting in which he had been hired several years back identifies him as a youth director, not associate pastor.  Thus they are cutting his pay and hours commensurate with that position.  The woman wrote, “And he has plaques on the wall from the church identifying him as their associate pastor!”

Veteran pastors know what is actually happening here.  What it "AIN'T" is a group of faithful members trying to be true to the original vision.  What it “IS” is a bunch of power-brokers trying to do an end run around the pastor and trim the sails of a staff member, with the end result being to run him off.

Make no mistake.  That’s what the point of this is.

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