Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Inside the Mind of a Pastor

Have you ever wondered how pastor’s really think?  Here’s a peek.

Who Can I Talk to In Confidence?  People come to me all the time with their issues, whether it’s their marriage, job, kids, or questions about the faith.  I’m honored to pray with them and offer what counsel I can.  But sometimes I need someone to talk to myself.  I just don’t know who that is.  I’m afraid if I confided in people, they would use it against me.  Ask me how I know that.

Do People Really Appreciate What I’m Doing?  At the risk of sounding like a whiner, this feels like the most thankless job on the face of the earth at times.  I realize I’m not the only one with a tough job, but still, everyone wants to hear appreciation from time to time – something besides complaints and criticisms. 

I am overseeing a nonprofit organization (which is secular) AND doing spiritual work at the same time.  That is a difficult combination to manage.  Trying to comply with State and Federal Laws (that govern nonprofit organizations), while, at the same time, obeying the laws of God that govern His Church, is no easy task.

I truly believe that what I do matters for eternity, but I wish good people in the church would step forward with affirmation more often.  God knows, the critics and complainers seem to have no problem voicing themselves.  And then there are the abandoners; the people who just walk out of my life after I’ve done everything possible to minister, help, befriend, and include them.  That really stinks.

I Wish People Would Invite Me to Non-Church Events and Engage Me in Non-Church Conversations.  I like watching football and having dinner with people.  I am a fisherman, I like gardening, I enjoy spending time on the water, or just hanging out with people.  And I’d love it even more if the discussion didn’t revolve around church.  I know that some people will always act weird around me, but I crave normal friendships.  Everything doesn’t have to be so deep all the time.  Neither does it have to be about PCC’s latest drama.

I Hope My Kids Don’t Abandon the Church.  I know the statistics about young people abandoning the church and walking away from the faith.  And a pastor’s home is not exempt.  To be honest, this has always been a concern of mine.

Jesus talked about the futility of gaining the whole world and losing your own soul, and for me, it would be a complete failure to have a successful church but lose my family.  As much as I love PCC, I don’t love it enough to sacrifice my kids (or my marriage) for.  I've always believed that your family is your first ministry; I preach it that way and I have lived that way.  I will not sacrifice them on the altar of success or to the expectations of others. 

And for the record, I’m glad to say that both my grown sons have not abandoned the faith or the church.  For this, I am thankful.

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